Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Get It, We Won

Okay we all need a break from dancing in the endzone.

It's been better than a week now and while I still find Rachael Maddow's glassy eyed, hate filled statement of, "this is your life now," giggle inducing.   I fear I've over indulged.  I an beginning to sense the addict's "enjoyment without satisfaction."

I don't seem to be the only.

Gavin McInnes decided to explore pop culture and has finally discovered the Kardashians. 

I’ve been looking into this for about a week now and it’s far more disgusting and macabre than I thought. I’m learning there is a bizarre caste system within celebrity culture that begins and ends with reality stars but focuses almost exclusively on ass. The most important celebrity family in America is the offspring of some Armenian lawyer who was played by Ross in the O.J. miniseries. He had a whole slew of daughters who are obsessed with bedding rich black men. This may go back to the Armenian role in slavery during the Ottoman Empire, but I can’t be certain. The uglier ones date black men who die, but the prettiest one is an enormous-assed brunette named Kim who married a rhyming singer with Tourette’s named Kanye. She catapulted the whole family into fame by filming herself being penetrated by a black millionaire. This fame boost included the stepfather, who took over the family after the Armenian father died and is a transsexual who recently killed a woman. He’s had so much plastic surgery, it gave him a panic attack. This is a rite of passage for everyone in the family and that includes everyone associated with them. Even Kanye’s mother died from it. As the youngest girls grow older, they go from looking like normal children to cartoon whores.

Unsurprising, their babysitter was pornstar.  One of Chalie's  Goddesses in point of fact.  I'd say I wish I was kidding but the Jenner Girls are literally too stupid for me to care about.

There is a step beneath reality star and that is YouTube Gamer.

Actually if you do play Overwatch, it is kind of amusing although I'm embarrassed to admit it.

Or finally you can do what I'm taking a break from doing and read a good book.  The one I'm not reading right this second is called. An Equation of  Almost Infinite Complexity.  I should have my review of tacked up here by about close of business tomorrow. 

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