Monday, November 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Our Vomitable Vineyard Aristocrats

Americans are the only race which passed directly from barbarism to decadence without knowing civilization. -- La Liberte, 1933

Yesterday I examined the nest vipers that coiled themselves around our chests, the Cuckservatives. Having looked at the enemy in residence, it's only fair to examine the enemy in exile from us.  Our self declared betters. The New American Aristocracy.  The Martha's Oligarchs.  After all a vote for Hillary is really a vote for them.

Man—every man—is an end in himself, not a means to the ends of others; he must live for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself; he must work for his rational self-interest, with the achievement of his own happiness as the highest moral purpose of his life.” Ayn Rand.

Four years ago, when I discovered that eighteen of the twenty richest counties in the US solidly went for Obama. My rational self interest said, "whip the rich naked through the streets."  The James Taggarts of America became our overlords

As a gentle reminder James Taggart was; the President of Taggart Transcontinental and Atlas Shrugged's most important antagonist. Taggart is an expert influence peddler but incapable of making operational decisions on his own. He relies on his sister, Dagny Taggart, to actually run the railroad, but nonetheless opposes her in almost every endeavor because of his various anti-capitalist moral and political beliefs. In a sense, he is the antithesis of Dagny. This contradiction leads to the recurring absurdity of his life: the desire to overcome those on whom his life depends and the horror that he will succeed at this. In the final chapters of the novel, he suffers a complete mental breakdown upon realizing that he can no longer deceive himself in this respect. 

Well Rand got the mental breakdown partially right.  But there really is no upward limit to their self deception.  This is why I'm tired of the Cucks who keep insisting that we can beat them with facts because the facts are on our side.  Facts don't matter to crazy people you idiots.  There have been plenty of corrupt and degenerate aristocracies through out history.   After all humans are built for desire, not satiety.  Give a man everything he wants and he falls apart almost every time.  But our aristocracy is unique in that it actively promotes mental illness.  In fact even venerates diseases of the mind.  They brag to each other about which new serotonin reuptake inhibitor they have just been put on. They indulge themselves in every form of self abuse imaginable and then wonder why they are miserable all the time.  C.S. Lewis called it, the gates of Hell are locked from the inside.

And they have indeed walled themselves off from the rest of us.  They have imported a professional voting class and stuffed them into vertical concentration camps, in their cities.

Like previous aristocrats they arrange jobs for themselves and for their children.  As "idealistic" as they pretend to be the truth is they look after themselves first and foremost. That is their first function and primary motivation.  That is the reason they are pushing a brain damaged drunken criminal toward the White House with every fiber of thier being.  The last two GOP presidents were bone deep Cuckservatives.  It wouldn't occur them to rock the boat. Rocking the boat is indeed and truly terrifying to them because when all is said and done their boat is shallow draft skiff riding an ocean. Donald Trump will rock their boat.

Their whole criminal system can't survive it and they know it.  The panic from our aristocrats is palpable.

Guys we are on a rocket sled headed off a cliff.  Hillary can at best make only minor course corrections while praying that more cliff will magically appear before her term ends.

Donald Trump is the only one who might just be able to turn off the rockets and put the brakes on.


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