Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hell Yes Its a Rigged System; Cuckservatives and the Rise of the Low T Right

"Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified," Paul Ryan alleged right winger. 

The man was speaking like the professor of a Gender Studies 101 class.  And he was doing so as a man who is compelled to do so by his very nature.

It's been a little under a month since I wrote that. I've been half noodling the problem since then.

Why have the Cuckservatives prospered?

Why are drawn to each other?

And where the hell did they come from in the first damn place?

I'll tackle the last first.  

The Cuckservative movement got it's start with the Businessman's Plot.  No, really it did.  For those of my readers not in the know, back in 1933 Jeb Bush's grandfather tried to overthrow the government of the United States. Okay, okay he was a very junior partner in the endeavor but he was there.  The future Senator Prescott Bush and some like minded idiots from Yale had read Mussolini's Fascist Manifesto and seen just how quickly Hitler had consolidated his power in Germany.  They liked what they saw, in particular when it was compared to what happened to their class in Soviet Russia.  

Democracy had been nice and all but it had clearly had it's day.  Something a lot more immune to the will of the people was clearly the wave of the future.  They liked that idea quite a lot.  Universal Suffrage had been around for less than a hundred years and really what good had it ever done for men like Prescott Bush and his friends.   

I mean look at how both Hitler and Mussolini handle the unions.  They don't exist in Italy and Germany anymore.  Henry Ford loves the idea and he's hardly the only one.

Note the Cuckservative mindset was already fully formed.

They did have one little problem.  No street army.  But that was easily solved.  Displaced veterans.  The comrades organizations of the veterans of WWI were an unexpectedly powerful and destablizing political force for all of the major combatants..  In Italy and Germany they had outright over thrown the government. No reason to think that the Bonus Army couldn't be subverted for the needs of their betters.  The reflexes of the Cuckservative were also already completely developed as was, as it turned out their judgement of character.

The reason the comrades organizations were so powerful is that they had a built in organizational structure to fall back on.  Everyone just assumed thier old ranks.  Including their semi-official commander, Marine Corps Major General Smedly Butler, two time winner of the Medal of Honor.  The proto-Cucks went to Butler with an offer of being made Prime Minister of the United States*.  Butler got their names and addresses and then went public with the whole thing.

These men were powerful within the Republican party and could have been ruined completely by this.  Roosevlet knew a good thing when he saw it.  With the threat of ruin and imprisonment hanging over their heads these men became his willing and obedient servants.  These would be revolutionaries turned into a dairy herd to be milked at the leisure of the New Deal.  The New York Times got it's marching orders and happily announced that the whole thing was simply the deranged ravings of General Butler, it was all a hoax. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

These men were the raw materials of Cuckservtism.

Now back to the first question.  Why have the Cuckservtives prospered?

The answer is Selective Evolutionary Pressure.  An artificial political ecology was created where only a certain type of man could survive and flourish.

What type of man?  The kind the Left didn't find particularly threatening, naturally.  And if they weren't threatening to the Left, they really weren't threatening to anyone.

So on those unavoidable occasions when the "Right Wing" came to power, it was a right wing that had already been preselected by the left.

Prime example; the Dulles Brothers.  They were very much a part of the Businessman's plot.  Yet they became the Right Kind of Republican. The kind that was/is acceptable to the Left. They went to the right schools, had the right friends from their undergrad days, that kind of thing.  Keeping the Republicans in the wilderness forever, while preferable was somewhat impractical.  Especially given what a monumental fuck up Harry Truman turned out to be.**   So, when Ike was elected, the Dulles Brothers became his guiding hands.

This system wasn't perfect of course.  The California Republicans back when they existed were powerful enough to force two of their own into White House.  But look at the men who were immediately provided to surround Nixon and Reagan.

Part of the process of getting elected at all was getting the thumbs up from the proto-Cucks.  Nixon sort of acceptable.  Goldwater not so much.

The selective pressure of this artificial ecology is the "vetting process."  The press is in charge of it and makes much of do the men who survive it.  The men the Left have decided who on the right are acceptable as the opposition.*  The Cuckservatives.

This brings us to the question of what kind of man will survive the "Vetting Process."  Well, ambitious for a start but low energy and over cautious.   Someone who reflexively tries to avoid offending the center left.  Someone instinctively repelled by NASCAR, real barbecue shacks and public approval of Jesus.  He enjoy's effete pleasures and the company of like-minded men.  Essentially, he is  non-confrontational by nature.  Above all no sex scandals, the press is very good at sniffing those out.

These men band together reflexively to oppose and undermine the kind of man who can NOT survive the "Vetting Process."  The Alpha male.

The end result of this system is a man like Paul Ryan.  Uncomfortable with his constituents.  As instinctively repelled by traditional masculinity as a cat is to a bath.  Constantly hoping for the at least covert approval of the cool kids on Manhattan.

"No backbone and no bottom," as Francis Urquhart would say.

Paul Ryan is no accident, he is the end result of the the Left Wing's eighty year breeding program.  He is not an aberration.

He is the desired result.

* Take note, the Right does NOT have this power of veto for the Left.
** (No, it wasn't just firing McArthur.  That alone would not have earned him an 18% public approval rating) 

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