Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Don't Get Cocky...That's Wiener's Job

We haven't won yet.

Yes Hillary has taken a body blow but that doesn't mean she's on the mat and the ref is counting.

The polls say that Trump has pulled even with Hillary.  That is not the same thing as pulling ahead although I know it feels like it when we were three lengths behind.  I've said before the polls will tighten as the race comes down to the wire and they have.  Yay, Cataline.  Fine whatever.

But we haven't won yet.  The only thing this means is that the polls now reflect the reality on the ground. 

Hillary probably isn't going to go any lower than she is now.  The newly imported electorate from south of the Rio Grande comes from a political tradition that views Hillary's mind bogglingly gargantuan corruption as merely indicative of a public official with a strong and commendable work ethic.  

They honestly don't understand what all the fuss is over a few Emails.

Like I said pulling even is not the same as pulling ahead.

It all comes down to turnout at this point.  Yes, we do have a major edge in enthusiasm.  Hillary's party doesn't want and indeed never wanted Hillary.  She was rammed down their throats by the Mirror-People who tried to ram Jeb Bush down ours.  I don't have to go far to find Trump signs and I have to look hard for Hillary.

So two things to keep in mind going forward this week.  First. Make your presence felt, put Trump signs in your lawn, where Trump tee-shirts and get a Red Cap.  This matters.  Strong and defiant sells.

Second.  This election as now at the point where it can be stolen.  And they are experts at this kind of theft. Bring your smart phone with you to the polls.  If anything looks fishy start filming it with your smart phone...from the safety of your car, (lets be clear about this, they aren't going to think twice about breaking heads). Then put it up on Gab, fast. 

We may end up contesting this one.

It's not over yet guys.


(*heh...heh...heh...Weiner's job...heh...heh...heh...geez I crack myself up*)

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