Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Does President Trump Really Need a White House Press Corps?

You have probably guessed my answer to that question already.

What brought it about was the usual hypocrisy of the the Obama Media.  President Elect-Trump ditched them to go have dinner with this family at the 21 Club.

Under the Headline of: As Trump Leaves Press Behind for Steak Dinner, Incoming Admin Already Showing Lack of Transparency  was this fetid little lump of pointless propagantastic shit.

In a highly unusual move, President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday night left his Manhattan residence without notifying the reporters covering him or giving any indication of where he was going.

The maneuver seemed to deliberately limit access to the media.

The only way the press eventually ascertained his whereabouts was after a Bloomberg reporter, who happened to be dining at the 21 Club, tweeted a photo of Trump and some of his transition team in the Midtown steakhouse.

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks later told NBC News. "He is having dinner with his family."

Wife Melania, daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner, sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump were all at the restaurant.

The Press Pool found this sort of roguish and delightfully out of control behavior, nothing but charming when Obama was doing it. They happily chirped about #TheBearIsLoose.  But the press is nothing if not completely hypocritical. Naturally they were were enraged beyond words when Trump did it. 
After all Trump is not Obama, he is not entitled to the same pass the press always gave him because reasons.
The White House press corps is an anachronism.  It's is really just a throw back to the days Franklyn Roosevelt.  Admittedly that press corps had manners and knew it's damn place.  The President treated them like the pigs that they were.  He fed them scraps and kept individual pigs in suspense as to whether or not they would be going to the slaughterhouse.
Now the pig thinks it is the equal or better of the swineherd and feels quite entitled to tell him how good he is at...well not just pig keeping, the modern press sow thinks it's an expert on everything.
Mister President Elect...Throw the pigs out.  
When newspapers were the only game in town they were needful.  You had to use the press to get your word out.  Your word would be filtered, augmented and criticized but it would more or less get out there.

Now it won't in any serious way.

Your word will be spun, folded and mutilated which means it is all pointless. 
President Elect Trump you will face a kind of resistance that Bush could only dream of, there is no point in treating your devout enemies as your dearest friends.
You simply don't need them.
Gab.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Friendly Blogs (like my own, (*humble bow from the pig that does know his place*)).  Provides you all the access you need in this day and age.  There is simply no more need for a White House Press Corps.  
You can get your word out unmolested.
Disband them.  Throw them out into the street and turn the briefing room back into the indoor pool it was in JFK's day to include the topless secretaries.

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