Wednesday, October 12, 2016

You Can't Spell GOP Without SJW

Why are Paul Ryan and his friends continuing to follow a script that will lead the Republican Party to disaster in Fall?

Why can't they see where this path would take them if they had succeeded in knee-capping Donald Trump.

Why are they still doing this after four days?  That should have been enough time for them to digest the fact that the momentum is shifting in Trumps favor.  Why are they backing the otherside's narrative.

The answer is simple.  The Establishment GOP are now in fact, full on fucking SJWs.

When I look at the Donald Trump attempted coup, I am forcefully reminded of the stages of an SJW Attack as postulated by Vox Day.

  1. Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative.
  2. Point and Shriek.
  3. Isolate and Swarm.
  4. Reject and Transform.
  5. Press for Surrender.
  6. Appeal to Amenable Authority.
  7. Show Trial.
  8. Victory Parade.

Paul Ryan and Bill Krystal aren't attempting to do these things.  They ARE doing these thing.

Let's look at them one by one.  

Locate or Create a Violation of the Narrative.  

Billy Bush provided that one and I am quite certain that he helpfully reminded his family of the event early on.   I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this October Surprise had been from the right side of aisle.

Point and Shriek

Well we all saw that one didn't we?  Ryan himself was the most outraged of the Vestals with his "Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified" remark.  The man was speaking like the professor of a Gender Studies 101 class.  And he was doing so as a man who is compelled to do so by his very nature.

Isolate and Swarm

That one was the most disturbing to me.  That was the first time I smelled an SJW GOP.  And that was absolutely happening.  The Weekly Standard lead the charge. And the entire Establishment GOP followed on, to include Fox News.   They were determined to make Donald Trump the loneliest man in America and then bury him under a pile of carnivorous hamsters

Reject and Transform

Donald Trump mistakenly offered an apology and that apology was eagerly rejected and transformed into a confession of guilt.

It's hardly a secret that the low testosterone Right has always hated Trump.  They are close kin to the globalist wing of the GOP.  But this wasn't just a rejection of what the man stood for...This was a purge of the man himself.

This isn't a matter of doctrinaire libertarian conservatism rejecting a candidate they didn't like.  They didn't like McCain either and they didn't act this.   The rejection of Donald Trump as the cuckoo in the nest that the Cuckservatives  built is hilariously ironic.

This lead as night follows day to the...

Press for Surrender.

Bill Krystal was again the loudest voice in demanding that Trump step down but he was hardly the only one.  The Establishment GOP was all doing it. Even Fox News was testing the waters.

When Trump blithely refused.  They moved to...

Appeal to Amenable Authority

 This was where the mask was dropped and SJWism was revealed in all it's glory. At this point you could not pretend anymore.

All of their eyes instinctively turned to Mike Pence to... do what exactly? What was he supposed to do?  What did he even have the power to do?  Maybe resign in protest yet they clearly wanted something more.  Something big.  They wanted the Vice Presidential candidate to fire the man who told him, "you're hired".  In truth they intellectually knew the guy couldn't do anything but they were now following the SJW playbook instinctively.

Pence rejected this demand explicitly and clearly, also in some bewilderment.

Never mind.  If Mike Pence couldn't deliver they were sure they knew someone who could.

The Cuckservatives wayward daughter, Hillary Clinton.

Show Trial

The Second Debate was meant to be a show trial.  With Hillary herself taking the role of Roland Freisler.  It's purpose was the final and complete annihilation of Donald Trump.  He was to step down in disgrace afterward and be driven from public life.

It was an epic disaster for them.  Trump accused his prosecutor/judge of everything that...well that she is guilty of.  And nobody ever did that to her face before.  She didn't think it could be done.  She was staggered by the blow and left reeling.

So was the SJW wing of the GOP.  The Weekly Standard again is the perfect bellwether for that herd of sheep, declaring the debate a disaster for the Republican party.

And for their vision of it, it was.

Victory Parade

They tried to hold one anyway.  The script was followed and the narrative was adhered to regardless of the reality on the ground.

Never mind that if Trump loses they will lose the congress because these tactics have proven themselves to be horrifyingly divisive.  They don't care about that.  The only thing the SJW GOP cares about at this point is the preservation of their delusion bubble.

The AltRight has now gone from an interesting viewpoint to the the only thing left that can save the United States of America.

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