Monday, October 24, 2016

This Pleases Me Immensely

Progressives are faithfully following their Nihilism to it's logical conclusion.  They are celebrating their own extinction.  If there are any Go-Fund-Me's out there, I am donating generously.

Vasectomy parties can be compared to baby showers, except instead, they celebrate the babies that will never be. Guests are invited to live it up "in a house with sharp furniture and exposed outlets.” They can plan on games such as The Price is Right "where they talk about what they can buy now that they’ve saved money by not having kids.” In lieu of suggesting baby names, party attendees can help name the new (not family) car or boat.

Their removal of themselves from the genepool is indeed cause for immense joyous orgiastic hullabaloo. Let the bells ring out and the banners fly!

The trend is attributed to changing attitudes about parenthood among millennials of child-bearing age (15-44). 

Woah! Wait a minute! And WTF? Ages 15 to

That's new. 

 What 44 year olds are referring to themselves as Millennials?  Aside from the one that wrote up the original piece in the Daily Mirror. 

One woman summarized the new philosophy well:

"Governments put money into bikeways, transit systems, art palaces, and cool residential developments that cost considerably less than schools and roads.. This has led to calls for creating ever-smaller apartments intended for single professionals."

Sounds awesome and cozy!!

Green urban enthusiasts have dubbed this new “taller and smaller” architecture “a climate-change antibiotic” as children produce larger carbon footprints the higher a family’s income. An advisor to Prince Charles even went so far as to call parents with two children “irresponsible” in light of their environmental impact. One follower of the movement, Lisa Hymas, described her decision to be childless as a “fledgling child-free movement” fighting the “pro-natal bias that runs deeps” in society, even dubbing herself a “GINK, green inclinations, no kids."

GINK sounds totally sooper cool, you awesome 42 year old Millenial. I'm sure your many, many cats will learn to have an ultra green lifestyle too.

But I think the question has to be asked, "are you GINKs really doing enough to Green the Earth?" If you guys push yourselves just a little bit harder in the right direction some ideas will come to you.

Just some gentle suggestions:

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Sillon Bono said...

Watch the first 5 mins of Idiocracy and tell me if these enlightened couples aren't like the ones featured as high IQ not having children.