Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Upcoming Draft

Yes, I know it's fake.

But I would not be surprised in the least if Hillary tried to start a draft.

No really.

Question: I put it to you Beloved Reader.  What do you think the purpose of the Draft was?

Answer: Well, I was under the impression that it was used to supply the military with needed bodies.

Yes...And no.  The whole supplying warm bodies thingy was barely a side effect of the draft.

The real purpose of the draft was to flog young Americans into making big life altering decisions at the age of eighteen.  And using the Draft as the whip to make them do it.

The great thing about the draft so far as Hillary is concerned is that it is a fantastic social engineering tool.

Voice of Authority: Would like to opt out of the Draft Young Person?

Young Person: Very much so, if you please.

VOA: Then do one of the following and you shall be granted...a Deferment.

In the fifties and sixties it would be:

A. Go to college and become a Rocket Engineer, Doctor or other profession highly valued by the US.

B. Go to college, then go in as an officer.

C.  Become a father with three children.

D.  Be a farmer, (yes, that one did work toward the end).

E. Just enlist and get it over with.  That was the real value of draft by the way.

Conscripts are shit troops and that's the truth of it.  They are a morale problem in uniform doing their involuntary service until they can get out of it.

However the threat of the draft was enough to force young men to volunteer.  Because volunteers got preferential treatment and MOS's.  It was estimated that there were three Volunteers for every one Draftee and that was because of the Draft.  Volunteers are a different kettle of fish.  You can always throw it in that kids face.  "Hey, you volunteered Shitbird!  No one made you join."

But Hillary doesn't like any of those things, you say.

True, Cataline answers.  But there are many, many other things that she does like.

Think about all the things she would like to force every eighteen year old in the country to do, if only they had no choice in the matter:

Join the Americorps.

Volunteer for Inner City social work.

Became a Youth Pasteur specializing in seminars on getting young Christian men to deconstruct their Toxic Masculinity.

Intern at Planned Parenthood.

Get a degree in Women's and Gender studies.

Intern at the Clinton Foundation (*Available only to girls and Bill will be reviewing the applications personally.*)

Get involved with Black Lives Matter Activism.

Really, the list is endless.  And all she has to do to get the ball rolling is to get elected president.

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