Monday, October 3, 2016

The October Surprise Is Warming up In the Batter's Box

And I don't mean the Cubs getting to the World Series.

WikiLeaks has canceled an announcement its founder, Julian Assange, was to make from the balcony of London's Ecuadorian Embassy on Tuesday, but not before Donald Trump supporter Roger Stone tweeted Hillary Clinton would "be done" by the next day because of the planned announcement.

The hacking group already this summer hit the Democratic Party just days before its national convention with a trove of released emails that appeared to show favoritism for Clinton over her rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, reports The Hill. Those emails led to the sudden resignation of former Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the day the convention opened.

Since then, Assange has promised to release even more emails, including more leaks from the Clinton campaign.

But on Sunday, just after 10 a.m.,
NBC News correspondent Jesse Rodriguez reported that because of security concerns, the event was canceled, and WikiLeaks hasn't said if it will be rescheduled. However, Rodriguez did not report on the nature of the security concerns, leaving the matter open to speculation.

Julian Assange is paranoid as all fuck although not with out good reason. Great House Clinton plays by Hama Rules.  However, he also has a stellar nose for building publicity.

This is just the warm up...(*screw this metaphor*)

Just a taste to whet the appetite.

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