Monday, October 10, 2016

GOP Betrayal

Just in case you were wondering why the GOP Leadership suddenly appeared to be trying to actively derail the Trump campaign after some pointless little irrelevance regarding  Trumps locker room banter from eleven fucking years ago. 

You must understand.  There is no doubt at all that the GOP would rather lose small than have Trump win big. They are convinced that if Trump loses we will come trudging back to them with our tails between our legs. Hang dog and moping because they were right and we were wrong.

They live in a fantasy world where the internet doesn't exist and conservatives get all their information from the NY Times and the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. Consequently it would be impossible for us to notice how our own party betrays us at every turn.

This piece about the budget that just got passed is from Sooper Mexican who is no friend of the Trump Campaign.


1.) QUADRUPLES Legal Immigration That Will Leave Americans JOBLESS

From Senator Jeff Sessions’ summary of the Omnibus bill:
The more than 2,000 page year-end funding bill contains a dramatic change to federal immigration law that would increase by as much as four-fold the number of low-wage foreign workers provided to employers under the controversial H-2B visa program, beyond what is currently allowed. These foreign workers are brought in exclusively to fill blue collar non-farm jobs in hotels, restaurants, construction, truck driving, and many other occupations sought by millions of Americans.
At a time of record immigration – with a full 83% of the electorate wanting immigration frozen or reduced – the GOP-led Congress is about to deliver Obama a four-fold increase to one of the most controversial foreign worker programs. The result? Higher unemployment and lower wages for Americans.

2. ) Will Allow Obama To Bring In Tons of Syrian “Refugees”

On top of this provision, the omnibus approves – without conditions – the President’s request for increased refugee admissions, allowing him to bring in as many refugees as he wants, from anywhere he wants, and then allow them to access unlimited amounts of welfare and entitlements at taxpayer expense. This will ensure that at least 170,000 green card, refugee and asylum approvals are issued to migrants from Muslim countries over just the next 12 months.

3. ) Gives A BILLION DOLLARS To Mexico And Central American Nations For Immigration

From a Democrat’s proud announcement:
Today Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX-28) announced that the Fiscal Year 2016 government funding bill includes more than $897 million worth of support for Mexico and Central America, provisions that he and Kay Granger (R-TX-12), chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, have fought for.
The omnibus includes $750 million in funding to implement the “United States Strategy for Engagement in Central America.”
While Democrats will argue that we cannot stop the surge of illegals without helping Mexico and Central American countries to shut it down at the source, doesn’t this basically reward those countries for flooding our border?

4. ) FULLY FUNDS Sanctuary Cities For Illegal Aliens

The bill provides funds to help so-called “Sanctuary Cities” provide assistance and relief – welfare – to illegal aliens. This puts all Americans in danger, not just the people who live in those cities.

5. ) Funds Billions In Tax Credits For Illegal Aliens

Many illegals are able to access welfare from the federal government by applying through any citizen children they might have. Ted Cruz led the charge to close this loophole that many believe costs Americans as much as $5 billion, but Democrats shut him down.


I posted this first part just to remind you of the depths of betrayal these guys are capable of.

As I said, these old guys really don't like to use the internet much at all. It's generational.  They are just too old.  They can go to a few mainstream sites and read email but that's it. When they communicate it's by phone. Their social media accounts are run by their interns.  They are not plugged in.  

They just don't respond as fast as they did to something like the leaked gooch grab clip.  They just can't.  It takes them at least three days to adjust to changing situations.  That low speed response time is how the GOP operates, that's all there is to it.

Yet they were pulling their endorsements and making a full court press for Trump to resign within 24 hours.

So how could they respond that fast beloved reader?

You already guessed it.  They had to have known about it in advance. 

There was such delight in Bill Krystal's demand that Trump be forced out.  There was so much momentum behind the entire thing, that there is no doubt at all in my mind that the Weekly Standard crowd and their friends on Capitol Hill  had a heads up from the Clinton campaign that this was coming. 

You have to remember Hillary is one of them, she just went a different way, when she saw that the Rockefeller Right was dying out.  She knows how they think.

Make no mistake this was a coordinated effort to destroy the Nationalist Movement by Republican Globalists.

However last night's debate creates a hell of a problem for them.  Hillary was supposed to torpedo a sinking battleship and instead it righted itself and opened fire on her.  Only her most ardent advocates (or Establishment Republicans) are saying she won it.  The Weekly Standard is moaning in agony this morning and is pleading with Mike Pence of all people to backstab Donald Trump.

Last night was a hell of boost for Trump.  Yeah we can enjoy it for today.  But we can't forget.  Winning is only step one.  The real battle begins after he takes the oath of office and has to start fighting his greatest enemy.  The Republican Party.


Sillon Bono said...

The "You'll be in Jail" was ACE!

But the fly! the fly! the damn fly!

Praise KEK!

Wormwood said...

Billy Bush is the Nephew of President H.W. Bush. This wasn't a hit by Hillary. This was the GOPe stabbing Trump in the back.

bob k. mando ( Ich bin ein Fuhrer auf die Alt-Retard ... and you can too ) said...

makes you wonder how many children Ryan has fucked with Hastert and Boehner.