Thursday, October 27, 2016

Esquire Trys It's Hand at Facism

Did you know that those stunning NAZI uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss?

Matt Miller at Esquire magazine sure does!

In a bid for his own little slice of glittery totalitarianism, this professional celebrity knob slobberer has decided to go full Goebbels. 

If you don't publicly declare for Hillary, you are clearly a Trump backer and needed to be publicly shamed into admitting it.  Hopefully destroying your career in the process.

OR better still, be frightened into in endorsing the drunken, brain damaged, utterly corrupt, national security nightmare that is Hillary Clinton.

Lets take a look shall we?

In a normal election, many people would likely discredit a celebrity's endorsement of a presidential candidate as a meaningless gesture.

Because it is. Most of them are horrible people I wouldn't entertain in a woodshed. They are people who willingly sought out fame for fame's own sake, rather than do something actually important and thereby become well known as a mere side effect of the processes.  

This is bad human being material to start with and it's made immanently worse when money and constant attention are actually given to them. 

But when an election involves cruel insults hurled at Rosie O'Donnell during a debate,

Something Cataline does for fun anyway.

disgusting conversations backstage at Access Hollywood,

I highly doubt that there are any other kind.

and a bright orange demagogue who has his own board game—things are inherently different. In fact, given one of the candidates once had his own reality show, appeared in Home Alone 2, and has done most of his policy talks with Howard Stern—it's logical to say that celebrity opinions matter after all.

There was nothing approaching logical proof in any of this. It couldn't even said to be a fallacy. At least some work goes into building a fallacy. This just a random event string with a lazy assertion tacked on the end of it. The fact that he included the word "logical" doesn't make it logical.

Unless of course you are very, very stupid and don't realize it.

A shockingly large number of Americans are prepared to make a reality TV star the ruler of the free world.

As opposed to a terrifying Tracy Flick clone.

Also, define, "Free World."

Celebrities literally have the attention of millions of adoring fans at their fingertips, and it's hard to deny these people's influence. Yes, they've made a name for themselves doing, in most cases, everything other than politics, but so has Donald Trump!

I will grant this part.

 They can't really influence politics, no one takes them seriously enough for that but they can raise issues.

Consider the efforts of Justin Timberlake, who has thrown fundraisers for Hillary Clinton and flew to Tennessee to vote early. Then there's Jay Z, who is putting on a concert for the Democratic candidate; or Katy Perry, who has appeared in numerous political action videos.

Yes indeed Old Twink, Mister Beyoncé and Tits Ahoy do indeed back Hillary in the most expected and pedestrian ways imaginable.

Hell, even Scott Baio, who you could hardly consider a celebrity, attempts to articulate fully formed arguments in favor of Trump. These people (well maybe not Baio) are using their influence to contribute to the political process. Any action is better than no action, right?

See the cool and real celebrities all go for Clinton. Which for the for the most part is true and only no names support Trump which isn't quite true. Little Matt had to dig quite a bit to get down to Scott.  No mention of Tom Brady, Clint Eastwood or the guys from Duck Dynasty.

Any celebrity who has ever championed a cause, written, or wrote, or performed any work of any actual substance relating to life in this country has something at stake here.

Matt you work for a fashion and celebrity fluffing magazine. You have done nothing important whatsoever in your entire life.  Quit pretending you have.

Maybe these artists are protecting their brand? Fuck that!

And now the little Pol Pot shakes his limp and pathetic fist by using the F bomb in an editorial as a punctuation mark. Matt you are an editor of a major publication not some unread blogger like Cataline. Up your game!

Anyway, the little fuckwad of an SJW is demanding in true passive aggressive SJW fashion that they either they stand with him or potentially ruin their careers. 
Or take the coward's way out and stand for Hillary.

Any political statement whether Left wing or Right wing kills forty percent of your audience unless you were already a known lefty or a country star.  

We have reached the point and purpose of this article.  Declare for Hillary or be denounced before the Central Committee.

If their brand means to sacrifice the very values that make them human and a contributing member of this society,

This jackwagon makes it sound like refusing to get involved in politics is the same thing as refusing to throw a line to drowning child. Although in his case this is probably close to refusing to throw his profession a line. Esquire is not doing that well and like all of paleo- journalism is looking for someone to bail them out.  Hillary is a lot more likely than Trump to do that.

then they live a sad, hollow life. These are some of the highest paid and most influential celebrities on the planet who have yet to publicly and clearly declare allegiance to either candidate.

There follows a list of celebrities who haven't committed themselves publicly.  Most are borderline left politically and only need a push in the right direction so far as he is concerned. 

As well as a smattering of soft shell conservatives, who might go the other way this year, who knows?

Fisk complete.

What really counts here is taking Campus Fascism off the campus and start applying it to life in mainstream America.  The problem that this ass kissing, cock sucking whore to celebrity goodthink doesn't seem to understand is that Campus Fascism can only survive in a world that is ruled by diversity/inclusion provosts. plus New York City.  It can't last at all if people stand up to it. 

I think that is the real source of the terror I am seeing coming from the left this year.  We've abandoned the neutered Cuckservative leadership they managed to saddle us with and we are taking a shot them ourselves.

They can't win against that and they know it. 

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