Monday, October 10, 2016

  Cuckservative Speaker of the House Proves my Point

The old guys aren't up to speed yet.  They are still acting like nothing happened last night because for them it hasn't yet.

Consequently, bleary-eyed, low T,  cuck-faced cuck Paul Ryan is staying on script and pretending nothing has changed.

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday told congressional Republicans he will not campaign with Donald Trump or defend the GOP presidential nominee through the election -- and even suggested he's preparing for a Hillary Clinton presidency -- according to sources on a conference call for GOP House leaders and rank-and-file members.

The stunning statements indicate Trump's debate performance Sunday has not eased concerns among Republican congressional leaders about the impact on House races following the release Friday of a 2005 audiotape in which Trump is heard bragging about being able to grope women because he is a celebrity. Trump has apologized for the remarks.

The conference call Monday was essentially a discussion about election strategy until the Nov. 8 vote. All 435 House members are up for reelection in November, including 246 Republicans.

Ryan and other House Republican leaders told those on the call to “do what’s best for you in your district,” according to sources.

The Wisconsin lawmaker on Monday also suggested that the presidential election may be a lost cause for Republicans. He said the party’s focus should be to ensure that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton “does not get a blank check with a Democrat-controlled Congress,” sources said.

We all knew Ryan was at best an erstwhile ally. Now he isn't even that. It will take about three days for the polls to start reflecting the shift in momentum back to Trump and then the Gop-Rats will be start coming back to ship and begging permission to come back aboard.

Unless it comes down to the House deciding who is going to president because of a deadlocked Electoral College. Paul Ryan will have to go. He is completely inadequate as a leader and as man. He has betrayed us as badly as his predecessor.  He is perhaps even worse. 

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