Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Crown of Thorns

At this point that is what Hillary is trying to gain?

There has never been a president taking office in a more toxic environment than Hillary Clinton will be if she wins.

She will likely be under investigation for violations of...well that is a damn good question because we don't know what all Huma was keeping on her laptop.

Was it just carelessness on Huma's part?  Was she storing the stuff that Hillary wanted stored but didn't want to see the light of day?  Was it classified, with the headers intact this time?  Was this explicit pay for play with the Clinton Foundation?  Was this a poison pill that Huma was keeping in case there was a falling out with the powerful and dangerous Clinton Crime Family?

The unofficial view that is forming is that whatever the hell it is, Comey feels it is disqualifying.  The Democrats all out attack on Comey smells of terror and desperation.

There is no point in calling for Hillary to resign from the race.  There is no mechanism or authority that is capable of doing so, (with the possible exception of impeachment in the house and conviction in the senate but seriously that is NOT going to happen) the only person who can make Hillary quit at this point is Hillary and she sure as hell isn't going to do that.

The Presidential Pardon is unlimited, so yes a president Hillary could indeed pardon herself.  Which maybe the only reason she is staying in the race at this point.

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