Sunday, September 18, 2016

There Are Three Kinds of NeverTrumps

This one may seem to be a little behind the power curve.   But actually it's ahead of it.

The #NeverTrumps are suddenly fading fast, given the Donald's recent rise in the polls.

But I assure you they have not left us.  Nationalism is now moving from a dim and flickering flame into a strong crackling fire.  When it looked like it could be easily extinguished there were quite a few of those on the right that were actively trying to put it out, (still are to be certain).  The government milk cow is delivering good or at least good enough milk to conservatives.

All they have to do is get minor unimportant and soon to be reversed wins, that they can trumpet on FOX.  While  betraying the base on the important stuff with displays of "Failure Theater."  Swearing up and down that, "by gum and by golly they are going to do something about something," right up to the moment that they completely surrender on schedule.   The favored method is a previously agreed upon procedural vote (months in advance) that the common GOP rube cannot hope to comprehend.  (*our biggest advantage over the Establishment is that they live in a world where they expect their constituents will still learn about "things" in the Sunday Papers*)  Anyway, they beat the war gong for a while and then drop the striker at the exact moment when they told the Democrats would.

This betrayal of the base nine times out of ten, involves immigration.  It's the number one priority of the base right now and it is the number one issue Establishment wants to betray the base on.  And they have, constantly and repeatedly succeeded in doing so.  Everyone on the rightwing wants amnesty... accept for the actual right wing voters.  Naturally they blame the voters for not playing along anymore.  But for fuck's sake guys we did this dance for six years.  How the screaming hell, did you not expect us to learn the steps?

However swearing at us and giving us the finger somehow failed to deliver the desired result of having us suddenly slap our foreheads and say, "how could we have been so blind as to how much smarter than us you are?  Of course we shall ditch our own interests in favor of yours".

Trump was supposed to lose by Goldwater percentages and yet somehow he is now running neck and neck with a terminally, utterly corrupt, drunk ass  woman no one in America wants as president.  "How is this possible?" They ask themselves.  (*The people asking this feel they are our natural leaders.*)

The fact is that the Westphalian Crisis of Legitimacy is breaking up both of America's political parties.  Now it won't happen completely during this electoral cycle.  There is enough magnetism left in the poles to polarize but that won't be true in two years. The New Right and the New Left will emerge more clearly then.

In the meantime I can make a few guesses of how this split will work out on the right.

And the NeverTrumps are an easy place to start.

Cuckservatives:  Our future entryists.  They will be the first to join us.  Surprised?  Don't be.  These are the same cock suckers who slimed their way into the raw energy that was the Tea Party's heart.  (*After first denouncing the Tea Party as being just a little bit too far out there*)  And then turned the Tea Party into a PAC pyramid scheme.  They are very annoyed about having been called out on this.  After all the Left never has to put up with this kind of bullshit when they fuck over the various root group members of their base.  Why should they have to put up with it?

None the less.  Cuck is a derivative of the word Cuckoo as in Cuckoo Bird.  A parasite family of birds that plant their eggs in the nest of other that closely resemble them.  The Cuckoo Chick sings a hypnotic song to it's "mother bird" so that she looks after the Cuckoo Chick to excess often starving her own brood to do so.

The Cuckservatives will do everything in their power to subvert Nationalism to support their own Lefty goals.

They have done it before.  They will try to do it again as instinctively as a beaver builds a dam.

Doctrinaire Libertarians.  These are the NeverTrumps who will stay NeverTrump.  Which is to say NeverNationalist.  The Social Issues section of the American political salad bar mean more to them than their supposed Classical Enlightenment core.  When forced to pick between Nationalist and Socialist.  They will sob interminably about not picking either before eventually veering left.  To them, the left is the lesser of two evils.

People Transitioning out of Libertarianism:  For these people, making the change to Identity Politics is shifting their reality without a clutch.  It's easy for someone in the AB to get Identity Politics.  They spend a lot time in jail, they get already got the advance screening for what it will be like to be a White Minority in the America that Was.

A Transit Libertarian on the other hand typically spends their formative years in  a Morrill Grant state Moo U.  They identify as part of the Intelligentsia or at least they feel they are a first cousin to it. Being the loyal opposition of the Intelligentsia offers the benefits of the Intelligentsia.  Not the least of which is status and financial security.

But ultimately the Transit Libertarian will side with the hard right.  It's not an easy trip to make as it involves following your rational logic to a dark place you really don't want to be in.

Transitioning out Libertarianism means you have to do something quite fundamentally difficult indeed for any human being.  In becoming a Nationalist you must give up your identity as a Libertarian.

If its of any comfort at all my transitioning brothers, just keep in mind.  Damn near everybody else is going to have to give up their Identity too.

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Jew613 said...

What the Cuckservatives don't understand is the Lefties keep supporting the Democrats regardless of their corruption because the Democrats deliver. The Republicans generally don't.