Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Lamest of Ducks

Barrack Obama is easily the weakest man to have held the office of President of the United States for the past one hundred years.

First, emerging from the back door of Air Force One at the G20 in China after local functionaries literally denied him a red carpet. Second, begging Russian President Vladimir Putin for help on Syria and getting chlorine gas. Third, being told off by the president of Turkey over American support for Kurds in Syria. Fourth, being cussed out by the president of the Philippines.

It is literally impossible to imagine any of these things happening to former presidents Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush or Richard Nixon. Jimmy Carter? Maybe one or two. But Obama managed all four. While he did cancel his meeting with the appalling Filipino president, he seemed to treat the rest as no big deal.

This is a man who revels in his own humiliation. Any other president would have ordered Air Force One to take off again.  But he arrived in China already on his knees, begging Beijing for a Climate Change non-treaty that will have no force of law and will be scrapped by both of his potential successors.  If you are already on your knees the people of the Han will demand that you crawl.  And crawl he did.  No president has ever spent more time looking at his shoes than Barrack Obama. 


Sillon Bono said...

He got what he wanted isn't?

Wasn't he who said the USA wasn't exceptional / shouldn't be exceptional?

There you go, treated like a 3rd world country leader of 5 cent the bunch.

Enjoy your legacy.

Cataline Sergius said...

Ah, but he never said, he himself wasn't exceptional.

The new rules for America were never supposed to apply to him