Thursday, September 15, 2016

The GOP Fail Army

In case you were blithely hoping that the Establishment were starting to adjust to the World of Pepe.

Let me assure you beloved reader...The Cucks weren't even close to looking at the world around them

From Hot Air;

“It’s terrifying,” said one GOP consultant, who like others spoke to BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity. “He’s not qualified … and it’s a massive problem. I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but at least I feel like some of those jobs that are required for president, she could do them.”

Anyone who isn't Washington Establishment is always disqualified.  One of the many, many things both sides of the aisle agree on.

“It would be terrible for America, and for the world,” said another Republican strategist, referring to a prospective Trump victory. “I can’t think of one good thing that would come of it.”

Translation from GovSpeak. When all is said and done I'm a globalist who isn't as far to the left as Obama.  Authentic nationalism is a horror beyond the White Walkers so far as I'm concerned.

A third Republican said that after watching the Clinton campaign’s missteps in recent days, “I’m curled up in the fetal position watching The West Wing and drinking a basketful of deplorable liquor.”…

What the fucking hell kind of Republican watches the damn West Wing?!?!?!?! 

The Cuck kind obviously.

“I’ve heard a lot of conservatives voicing frustration, like, ‘How fucking hard is this, Hillary?’” said Ben Howe, a conservative ad-maker and an outspoken Trump detractor. “That’s the only reason I’m panicked these days … I’m losing faith in Hillary’s ability to win this easy-ass election.”

Ben...Dear Ben. You are so mercifully free from the ravages of reality. No one wanted Hillary to include her own damn party.  

And no one on this side of fence wants to hear anything from a Republican who gets positive quotes from Media Matters. 

In case you guys really can't figure it out.  We are done with you.  We have our DD214's in hand and have no desire to reenlist in the GOP Army of Fail. 

There is no point in crying on and on into your pillow every night about how we have run off with the wrong man and when we wake up this fact, we will come crawling back to solid, dependable hard working you.


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