Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Oh FUCK You!!!

This was polluting my newsfeed this morning.

The effects of climate change endanger U.S. military operations and could increase the danger of international conflict, according to three new documents endorsed by retired top U.S. military officers and former national security officials.

Every damn one of whom are looking for a six figure a year job to supplement their five figure a year pensions. One that preferably requires no measureable results of any kind except tons of pointless activity. Climate Change is a godsend to these military bureaucrats.

"There are few easy answers, but one thing is clear: the current trajectory of climatic change presents a strategically-significant risk to U.S. national security, and inaction is not a viable option," said a statement published on Wednesday by the Center for Climate and Security, a Washington-based think tank.

"One thing is clear," I am in the wrong fucking business. If you were born to be a desk warrior, then the best kind of threats to the country are non-existent ones.   Just wear your concerned face and appear before Congress rattling your baksheesh bowl, then make your case that you need a ten percent increase in funding this year to combat your non-existent threat.

It was signed by more than a dozen former senior military and national security officials, including retired General Anthony Zinni, former commander of the U.S. Central Command, and retired Admiral Samuel Locklear, head of the Pacific Command until last year.

This is  the real retirement package if you are a general. The pension is a minor supplement. Many, many big and important sounding jobs with vitally urgent missions that accomplish nothing but suck up federal funding. And lets you jet off to Davos in time for skiing and of course the Bahamas so you can study the effects of Climate Change during the winter months.

You. Are. A. Staff. Side. Jack-Wagon Zinni. An armchair political general.

They called on the next U.S. president to create a cabinet level position to deal with climate change and its impact on national security.

This is such an amazing amount of complete Washington bullshit, that I am shocked to the core of my damn being that Barrack Obama didn't think it up himself.

And who can we find to man such an important post? 

 Zinni was quick to point out just how tanned, rested and ready he is and also that Admiral Locklear, while a fine fellow has a clear conflict of interest because more Global Warming means more ocean space with is automatically good for the Navy. 

 Locklear, was equally quick to point out that his much esteemed colleague from the Army sadly lacked the nuance to understand the problems that Global Warming would present the Navy. The navigation hazards presented by running aground on skyscrapers for instance...

A separate report by a panel of retired military officials, also published on Wednesday by the Center for Climate and Security, said more frequent extreme weather is a threat to U.S. coastal military installations.

This stuff is to military bureaucrats as chum is to sharks. The poor ill prepared climate change professors are going to be trying to beat them back with baseball bats.

"The complex relationship between sea level rise, storm surge and global readiness and responsiveness must be explored down to the operational level, across the Services and Joint forces, and up to a strategic level as well," the report said.

I can already hear some poor newly promoted infantry Major doing his time in the Staff Hell of higher headquarters, "Please don't laugh at me. This is my job."

Earlier this year, another report said faster sea level rises in the second half of this century could make tidal flooding a daily occurrence for some installations.

An even earlier report from the 1980s predicted that London would be flooded by 2015.


Francesco Femia, co-founder and president of the Center for Climate and Security, said the reports show bipartisan national security and military officials think the existing U.S. response to climate change "is not commensurate to the threat".

That part was easy. When you can't measure something, your response can never be "commensurate."

Is there anyway at all to become commensurate? 

Of course dear boy, MOAR FUNDING!

The fact that a large and bipartisan number of former officials signed the reports could increase pressure on future U.S. administrations to place greater emphasis and dedicate more resources to combat climate change.

Unless you clearly and explicitly threaten their careers for propagating witchcraft as science. These courageous souls will scuttle for the nearest mouse hole then.

Addressing climate change has not been a top priority in a 2016 campaign dominated by the U.S. economy, trade and foreign policy.

That's because we have been having "weather" this summer. Instead of "Climate".   If the Farmer's Almanac is anything to go by (and it has a drastically better record on forecast than any Center for Climate Change has ever had) then we are looking at a shit ton of more "Weather" this winter. I'm buying a two stage snow blower and new winter tires."

The rest of this excrementatious article was the usual Left Wing Smart / Right Wing Dumb pabulum that they have to tack on the end of any article these days. Just as closing liturgy. Not even sure they believe in it but the prayer must be offered.

You may be wondering, why is Cataline so pissed off at the born-to-be-staff-cheese-dick types that are backing this abortion? Aren't they just doing what they were groomed and bred for? 

Well yes they are doing that and it's reason enough to loath them.  But what really torques me is that the military spent thirty years after Vietnam becoming the most trusted institution in the United States.  And these assholes are betraying that trust for lefty politics.  I loath them as con-men who are prostituting the uniforms they no longer wear.

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