Thursday, September 22, 2016

Not Worth Fisking

Sorry guys just couldn't do it.

It wasn't engaging enough.

Some new dog bites man story about a major study proving something we already knew.

America may hold a reputation as a country of gun owners, but a new survey shows that roughly half of the nation’s weapons are owned by just three percent of the population.

They are acting like this is news because it has numbers and looks all sciency.  The truth is we already knew it.  Guns (or at least decent guns) are expensive.  Consequently most people simply can't buy all of the guns they would like to.  And while readers of The Dark Herald know full well that the minimum acceptable number of guns in a free American household is ten.  The fact is that is going to run you northwards of $5000 and not everyone can afford to do that.

Three percent of Americans own eight or more firearms, a cumulative 133 million of the country’s 265 million weapons, according to an unpublished survey from Harvard University and Northeastern University, whose results were reported by the Guardian and The Trace on Monday. 

This is something pretty much everyone knew. but the SJWs are squealing like Ned Beatty in the swamp because they think they have finally found the magic statistic that will sweep aside all opposition gun control.

These “super owners” have a multitude of reasons for accumulating their stash, from the guns' investment value, to their historical significance, to concerns about personal protection, the primary factor motivating about two-thirds of all gun owners, according to the study. 

These days it's a pretty reasonable fear. If a car is hurtling down the road at you, being hit is a pretty legitimate concern.

While many gun owners are staunch in their defense of what they consider their Second Amendment right to protect themselves, some experts say that the fear that motivates many to accumulate weapons can be dangerous in its own right.

"Experts" in what? Failed gun control initiatives? People don't collect that many guns out of fear they do it because it's their fucking hobby. Honestly when you have seventeen plus guns in your house you pretty much aren't afraid of anything.

“If we hope to reduce firearm suicide, 

It's far preferable for people hang themselves. Yes, it's a little harder on the principle but it makes so much less mess...for the most part.

if we hope to reduce the other potential dangers of guns, 

Potential dangers? A hammer is potentially dangerous and in fact kills more people than rifles every year but I've yet to hear of any great hue and cry for hammer control.

my gut is, we have to speak to that fear,” Harvard School of Public Health firearms researcher Deborah Azrael, the lead author of the study, told The Guardian.

Okay now you are just being a lying SJW.  Which was hardly a surprise.  You are rolling the motivations for suicides into a bundle with home invasion murders and general self defense shootings, to create an all encompassing motivation called "fear."  You are as intellectually lazy as you are utterly dishonest.

And it looks like I did fisk it...Damn it.


Tizona del Cid said...

Am I the only one who finds it amusingly ironic that the "expert" quoted in this article shares her last name with Azrael, the Angel of Death from the Tora? ...must really make her an expert on the topic of the deadliness of guns, eh?

Cataline Sergius said...

I'd noticed that myself but wasn't entirely sure what to make of it.