Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lena Strikes Out

I recently got into a scuffle over at VP when I offhandedly said football players have no Game. To my mind there is a big difference between being with a woman who wants you versus being with a woman who only wants you to want her. The first is Game, the second is being Gamed.

And I now take it all humbly back and crawl on the floor begging forgiveness for my blindness. Odell Beckham jr has vindicated his entire profession.

This is a man with options.

Decent options

Lena Dunham, best known as creater, writer and star in the acclaimed HBO series “Girls,” recently took aim at New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for allegedly rejecting her.

Dunham claims that Beckham Jr. sat next to her at the Met Gala — New York’s premier fashion event — and was so uninterested in her that he chose to scroll through Instagram rather than chit-chat.

Although Beckham Jr. didn’t actually speak a word to her, Dunham didn’t stop herself from attempting to interpret what she views as a sexist take on her physique and appearance.

“I was sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr., and it was so amazing because it was like he looked at me and he determined I was not the shape of a woman by his standards,” Dunham told comedian Amy Shumer during a ‘friend chat’ for Lenny Letter. “He was like, ‘That’s a marshmallow. That’s a child. That’s a dog.’ It wasn’t mean — he just seemed confused.

“The vibe was very much like, ‘Do I want to [expletive] it? Is it wearing a . . . yep, it’s wearing a tuxedo. I’m going to go back to my cell phone.’ It was like we were forced to be together, and he literally was scrolling Instagram rather than have to look at a woman in a bow tie. I was like, ‘This should be called the Metropolitan Museum of Getting Rejected by Athletes.’ ”

This, if you recall (and I certainly understand if you don't want to),  is Lena Dunham.

Lena's hilariously drastic over estimation of her own SMV is well known.  In fact it's legendary. The question is why does she think so highly of herself? The little tudball can't seem to keep her clothes on.  The fact that other women call her "brave" for doing this, instead of "daring" tells you how good she looks nude.

I think part of it is serotonin reuptake inhibitors which she has been swallowing by the handful since grade school but that only goes so far.

A bigger part is projection.  Women seek higher status men pretty instinctively.  50,000 years ago the higher status male decided who got the choicest cuts off the mammoth. Naturally he reserved the very best for himself...and of course his family.  The thing  is our genes have no idea that we no longer live in that world, so those rules still apply to assortive mating.

Lena due to her being a celebrity is now higher status female.  The problem is that does nothing for her SMV.  Men don't care about a female's status, the only thing we care about it do we want to see them naked and we just don't with Lena.

Trigger Warning

Just in case you didn't believe me

And if you are wondering, she's already in a relationship.  She's living with a musician named Jack Antonoff.  She wants to be married to him but he was able to put her off with the classic lefty excuse of, "can we really get married when none of our gay friends can?  Come on, Lena.  You're better than that."  She accepted this but then she got really excited when Justice Kennedy proved himself a senile disaster of a GOP appointee yet again.   She ran into the house, excitedly squealing the good news to Jack. Then she saw the look on Jack's face.  They are still together but at this point she can't be happy about it.

Worse still, Lena has just crossed the magic border of 29/31

Her show is in it's final season and despite her being the best beloved of Jezebel, the offers aren't streaming in.

Consequently,  trying to hook up with an athlete is understandable.  Just as validation thing you understand. She has absoluely no intention of cheating on Jack you understand.  A little harmless flirting just to...

And Odell shot her the hell down.

He did the worst thing he could to her.

He turned Lena Dunham into an invisible woman.

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