Sunday, September 11, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Race is Over...Hillary Collapses on 9-11 Itself

At this point the only thing left of the  capable but brittle Hillary Clinton from 1991 is a hateball of will and ambition. She is virtually the walking dead at this point.  

"A shambling wreck taped together by booze and pills."

She cannot do the job of president of the United States.

For the good of the county this shattered woman cannot be elected president.-- Cataline Sergius


 I've spoken with a few medical experts and their opinions...well they aren't even willing to call them opinions since they haven't seen her or her records.  Their Scientific Wild Ass Guess is that I called it right the first time. The gross symptoms parse more cleanly with PCS than they do Parkinson's.  Not that it matters in the least.  She is still incapable of being president.


 Is Hillary hiding a major health issue?

Scott Adams thinks so:

One of the skills a hypnotist has to master is reading people’s inner thoughts based on their body language. That’s a common skill for people in the business world too, but hypnotists go deeper than looking at crossed arms and furrowed brows. We learn to look for subtle changes in breathing patterns, tiny changes in muscle tone, variations in skin color (blushing or not), word choice, pupil dilation, and more. I assume law enforcement people look for similar tells when doing interrogations.

As regular readers know, I’m a trained hypnotist. And to me, Hillary Clinton looks as if she is hiding a major health issue. If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink, you know that so-called “experts” can sometimes instantly make decisions before they know why. In my case, I am going to make an “expert” hypnotist prediction about Hillary Clinton without knowing exactly which clues I am picking up, or whether I am hallucinating them.

Prediction: I’ll put the odds at 75% that we learn of an important Clinton health issue before the general election. That estimate is based on my own track record of guessing things about people without the benefit of knowing why. I think Trump is picking up the same vibe. He has already questioned Clinton’s “stamina.”

This dovetails with my own assessment of the Female One.

 At seventy health is an issue. Female executives are statistically at a higher risk for stress related diseases past sixty-five. Especially those without a significant amount of grandchildren. Nature's way of getting useless mouths out of the way, I suppose.

On top of this, Hills is fonder of the Dame Booze than a woman her age should be. She keeps it under wraps pretty well, with of course the avid assistance of the MSM. Yes, she is clearly and obviously  a drunk* but she's got it under control for the most part. Probably prefers Vodka and pours herself three big ones after work is done for the day. She tells herself its because she's a New Yorker. None the less this isn't good for the old blood pressure.

But the big one is that she has post concussion syndrome.   

The [initial injury] incidence is only about 3 per 1,000,000 adults. The transverse sinus is less commonly affected than the main sagittal venous sinus. The cause of transverse sinus clots is not well understood although trauma and dehydration (*I.E. Booze*) have been described as risk factors. Mrs. Clinton suffered from both.

Post Concussion Syndrome in a woman in her late sixties is easily grounds for enforced retirement. True, both she and the media are saying she has completely and miraculously recovered from her concussion.

They were lying.

You don't recover from that at her age.  You just don't.

These are two people that aren’t just personal friends. I worked with one and then post law-enforcement worked with another on some related things. So, these aren’t anonymous people. These are good friends. Both of them told me the same thing, that after her speeches, whether she did a talk or a policy speech, she had to sit behind – she would come off the podium backstage – and have to sit and rest before making it back to the car because she was so fatigued, dizzy and disoriented.

This would also explain her "pinch a loaf" moment when she was late for debate with Bernie.

We were told to elect her because she was the brains of the Clinton Outfit.  But now those brains are damaged.  You can't have that kind of an injury without impairment of higher cognitive function. She has lost one standard deviation of her IQ.  On top of that will be memory dysfunction as well.

A lot of the Democrats ridiculous theater surrounding the low energy debates has been geared toward keeping Hillary unstressed.

Fine they can stage manage debates to keep Hillary squared off against a senile communist and thus keep her stress level hovering around 3. 

But we shall see how she holds up as the campaign season kicks into high gear and she has to start tacking to center once Bernie drops out and she is facing the actual GOP opponent. Which at this point will be either Trump or Cruz, both of whom will give her a very tough and stressful fight. I think we will be getting told by the MSM that the well earned rest she is taking in seclusion after the primary season has nothing at all to do with health and that it's sexist and ageist of us to say that it is. Even when we hadn't said anything about it at all yet.

Alas poor Hillary, she was planning on fighting Jeb!

*Don't judge.  She's married to Bill Clinton.

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