Friday, September 2, 2016

Hillary's Health...How Long does The Beast Plan to Stay President?

Assuming Hillary wins (and current polls indicate that this is not in fact a good assumption), my bet is that she doesn't plan to stay president long.

Hillary is aware of the kind of pressure and stress she would face as president.  Unlike Field Marshall von Choom-Wagon who was apparently shocked as hell to find that being president involved more than giving one speech a week then playing golf afterward.

Hillary knows that the job is a killer.

And even given her magnificent gift for self-delusion, she can feel the reapers breath on her neck.  Here she is accepting help walking on to the stage at the American Legion. 

Apparently in an effort to be more inclusive
The Legion now has a Draft Dodger's Wife's night

It doesn't look too bad, except for the fact Hillary (Hear Me Roar) Clinton, took the arm of a MAN to walk out on to a stage.  This is not typical behavior for Hillary.

The memory lapses are getting more frequent.  The coughing spells are truly impressive and her tongue still has a perfectly round hole in it.

More recent pics of her show a puffiness that has nothing to do with her alcohol abuse. There is zero doubt in my own mind that she is on Corticosteroids of some variety.  That could mean any number of things but none of them are minor when you are talking prolonged use.  Especially at her age.

How big and how powerful of a chemical cocktail is she getting pumped into her on a daily basis?

Hillary knows she can't make it for eight years.  In fact she can't even make four.

And she doesn't care at this point.  Being the first woman president is the all and the everything to the former Goldwater Girl with the heart of a Cuckservative.

She doesn't care about the fact that she can't do the job.


Typical 1970's Women's Libber.


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sysadmn said...

You're probably too young to remember the joke bumper stickers: "Reagan in 80 \ Bush in 81", replayed as "Reagan in 84 \ Bush in 85". They played on the "Reagan 80" campaign slogan.

I suspect "Hillary 2016 \ Kaine 2017" would sell well.