Friday, September 9, 2016

Harsh Truth 101

As a biological construct the only thing your DNA wants from you, is to make more DNA. Whether or not you enjoy how this happens or even if you survive the process is completely irrelevant to your gene code’s desired endstate. 

Humans are unusual in that both sexes find sex enjoyable.

It is the great truth of the Game in that we accept, that women are quite different from men in terms of sexual desire. We can look at these differences dispassionately and plan accordingly. Feminists can only look at these differences and lie to themselves.

Women are holistically sexual. 

A woman needs to be emotionally involved in the act of sex.

The reason for this, is that a woman's DNA is faced with a fundamental paradox. A woman can only reproduce once per year at most. While her DNA would benefit most from her selecting a different father for each infant. In a state of nature she is vulnerable and unable to provide for herself prior to and after birth. If her child is survive to maturity. A female needs an emotional driving force to pair-bond.

A woman who can have sex without emotion, while fun to play with, is fundamentally defective. Whether born that way or having embraced the lies of feminism. The end result is the same, they are damaged goods, you can’t fix them. 

Don’t try.

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Dan Wolfgang said...

Sadly, I worry that there aren't many left who aren't damaged goods. I only hope that the next generation learns not to make the same mistakes. But we'll have to see.