Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bill Clinton Needs to be Put Out to Pasture

No wonder they've been keeping him out of the limelight.  He's fucking senile.

This is from Brietbart.

“We all know how her opponent’s done real well down in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky,” Clinton said during a rally in Pennsylvania. “Because the coal people don’t like any of us anymore.”

Obama nailed your colors to the mast on climate change because he decided that fantasy science trumped real world politics. They don't like you anymore because you have gone from protecting them to actively trying to put them in the poor house.

I personally never liked you in the least Bill. You are a shill and a conman and I loath both. But your compassion for the everyman used to at least look authentic.

You can't even manage that anymore. You are as publically smug as any SJW.

Clinton said that many of the same people voted for him in the 1990s, which helped propel him to victory over Republicans George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole.

Nice of him to notice the very, tiny, small, miniscule people that made him a vastly over rated president.

“I won twice and they did well,” Clinton said, referring to economic stability during his administration.

No actually he was referring to the Democrat protectionism of unionized coal miners.  But politics is a, "what have you done for me lately," sort of game, Bill.  There are always a few people that can't get that but you didn't used to be one of them.  It's time to find a nice rocking chair, Mister Clinton.

Clinton said that coal workers blamed President Obama for their economic misfortunes.

“They blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning now,” Clinton said.

No, fuckwad, they blame the president for his war on their livelyhood. Apparently you are hoping to shame some of the dumber ones into voting for the drunken, brain damaged, Beast of Brittle that you for what ever reason, still call your wife.

Clinton also criticized coal workers during a rally in Tampa earlier this week, pointing out that they were wearing Trump shirts and “screaming” at him when he visited the state.

How dare they not continue to worship you!

He accused them of believing that global warming was a “Chinese hoax,” much like Donald Trump.

Your contempt for their intellect is understandable Bill.  They did vote for you twice.

He argued that coal workers should realize that the industry was dying and that it was time to focus on solar panels and windmills.

Which don't work all that well and are an ecological menace.  The energy they produce can't be stored, so they can't be relied upon during peak hours.  And oh fucking yes, they can't be dug out of the ground by guys who are only skilled at coal mining.

“Coal employment peaked in 1920, coal production peaked in 1950,” he said, adding, “Climate change is real and we’re going to have to change our energy source.”

Okay, I'm not going to go into all the ways that Climate Change is a hoax, there are entire books on that subject. 

 But the fact is that coal can be burned a lot more cleanly than it is now. 

 MHD actually did work and that was with 1970s technology.  

MHD was killed by a Democrat coalition of Ralph Nader Luddites. A new EPA that wanted to flex it's regulatory muscle. Plus, the same coal miners that you are now putting out of business and also the miners traditional enemy,  the mine owners themselves, neither of whom wanted MHD because it would lower coal prices.  MHD burns coal so cleanly and so hot that (a.) you don't need as much coal to do the same work and (b. prime) you can use dirty and cheap high sulfur "junk coal".  

End fisk

So why don't they back MHD now, if they are so worried about the environment and don't care about coal miner votes anymore?  You ask in wide eyed innocence and Cataline answers.

Because the real power behind the Democrats want you to be freezing to death in the dark.

They aren't so much pro-environment as they are anti-human race.  They don't want people to have cheap reliable power, they want them to die in large numbers because in their deepest hearts they are at this point complete nihilists.

But getting rubes to vote themselves into extinction is kind of a tough sell.

Bill, you used to know that.  Just hang it up.  It's embarrassing now.  

Is there anything sadder than watching the flailing punches of a once able boxer who should have retired from the ring?


Jew613 said...

Clinton was at his heart an old school party boss. Sure he was amorous and corrupt but he understood the country needed to function. That is not true of Obama or Hillary. Hillary as a woman just isn't very good at cause and effect.

Obama is too deep in the progressive ideology to care when his policies end in disaster. Or some would argue the disaster is the goal.

Undocumented Pharmacist said...

I'm guessing that you mean the energy from wind and solar can't be stored on a commercial/utility scale, which is correct to my knowledge. Does he ever propose what they hell we're supposed to do during the winter? Some of us don't literally have money to burn.

bob kek mando ( I are Spartacus ... and you can too! C'mon, give it a try, these crosses are way more comfy than they look ) said...

you'll notice a similar thing happening with cars that you see in the rejection of MHD tech.

do you realize that that VW and the Japanese manufacturers had gasoline powered cars for retail sale IN THE 1960S in the US that got 50+ mpg? some of them over 60 mpg.

they were, of course, tiny little shitboxes with no power, little safety and zero amenities.

here we are 50 years later, struggling to get +30 mpg.

how did this happen?

well, if you view EPA and NHSTA regs as a means of adding weight and combustion inefficiencies to the vehicle in order to add weight to the car and drive down mileage efficiency


doesn't that support the price of oil?


it almost seems like they don't give a fuck about the environment at all.

i mean,
IF 'Global Warming' is caused by rising CO2 and thus be Anthropogenic
THEN wouldn't tripling fuel mileage greatly cut emissions?

but they've done everything they can to keep fuel mileage DOWN instead?