Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PJ Media Goes Full Cuckservative

It's always at least somewhat gratifying to proved right.

PJ Media has jumped on board the "lets do it to Moore train."  Gloria Allred's waitress doesn't have a story that matches the others.  It's so far out there from anything that has been said so far that I have to doubt it on the face of it.

Any ethical journalist would....(*heh...heh*)...do the same...(*Ha! *Ha! *Ha!  gasp...wheez...gasp*).... Nope, couldn't do it.  Could not keep a straight face.

Of course no one was going to check the woman's story first.  This is the usual "we must always believe the female accuser when she speaks of sexual assault" thing.

And while the SJWs  always say it, Libertatian Cuckservatives genuinely believe it.

A story that is clearly designed to shutdown all mental cognitive function and operates on pure feelz, works better on Libertarians than actual Progressives.

This is from August of last year.


Ten years ago a giant fell.

Because of his own hubris, his arrogant laziness and an Army of Davids.  Dan Rather the cardinal of the MSM cathedral, destroyed himself and a progressive bedrock institution called CBS News.

It's difficult to over estimate the power that CBS news once held.  It set the national paradigm of events.  It didn't matter if you disagreed with them, you had to fight on the battleground that  CBS News chose for you, which meant that liberalism was always better than halfway to winning every fight it picked.  CBS News was the organization that decided whether a Republican Candidate was going to be Stupid, Evil or a Weirdo, (it was always one of those).

It had been that way for 40 years.  Its former dean, Walter Cronkite, who Rather ruthlessly displaced, is credited with losing the entire Vietnam War.  Not entirely true but sure as hell not entirely false either.   The Tet Offensive was a complete disaster for the Vietcong in every conceivable way.  The VC were so badly chewed up, the war was over for them but Walter Cronkite declared the war now unwinnable and so it was.  CBS News' propagantastic reputation was established.

There were a few hiccoughs along the way.  Their Audi piece was revealed to be a complete and utter lie but it destroyed the US market for that company for years.  Their Winter Solider piece featured veterans who hadn't actually been to Vietnam.  But these matters were quickly papered over because there was simply no way to get the truth out.

But at the dawn of the 21st century, that changed and Dan Rather missed it.

During the presidential election of 2004 CBS News decided to back it's unearned rep for honesty on a slam piece.  Having declared Baby Bush as acceptable  as presidential timber during the primary season of 2000.  CBS News treated itself to a change of heart.

There is zero doubt in my mind that W was a useless drunken junior officer who as a child of privilege had been permitted to join the Texas Air National Guard to avoid being drafted into the real military and thus getting sent to Vietnam where he might have actually been shot at.

Honestly no one thought otherwise.

But CBS News decided to use forged documents to prove it.  I will grant that they didn't know they were forged docs at the time. Although it would have taken less than a minute to prove they were fake.

 Regardless, bloggers ripped the forgeries to shreds within hours of CBS arrogantly and catastrophically posting them on their website as PROOF.  The TEXANG forgeries had clearly and obviously been written using Microsoft Word on the default settings.  There was not typewriter on Earth in 1972 that could have produced them. *

None the less Dan Rather decided to bare face his way through it.  The big lie had preserved his reputation before and he was old enough to not understand that it couldn't do it now.  So he stuck with his story well past it's sell by date. **

The end result was that he was ordered to commit ritual suicide as an apology.  But the damage was done and CBS News never recovered from it.

There was a lot of bitter recriminations from old time lefties toward the bloggers.  One famous quote at the time was some derisive snark that declared "these bloggers are just a bunch of guys sitting around in their pajamas.

The bloggers in question, loved it.  These libertarian minded hawks got together under the leadership of Roger Simon and became Pajamas Media.  Then Open Source Media.  And then Pajama's Media again because the OSM idea was retarded.

Pajama's Media was for years a daily stop for me on the internet.  There was always something to be found that challenged or provoked me.  Belmont Club was a perennial favorite.  But so too was Vodka Pundit.  Zombie Time was an undercover blogger reporting on the insanity that is San Francisco.  And over shadowing them all was the biggest name in libertarian blogger media, Instapundit.

Ten years isn't a bad track record something that isn't making any kind of serious money.

But all libertarian media must come to an end some day  because as I've always said, Libertarian Media always gets infiltrated by Entryists.

You won't believe this but there was a time when WIRED was a libertarian magazine.

It's true!!!!

It happened slowly at first, just an article or two with a lefty slant.  I mean libertarianism is all about taking what you want from the left and leaving the rest behind like a political salad bar, Right?

So you have to have a few token lefty articles just to prove that you aren't a knuckle dragging Scudderite.  Free Speech is all and everything to the Libertarian.  So you keep around the token lefty, to prove how inclusive you are.  Please note: that libertarians NEVER keep around a token conservative. Their besetting sin is that they view progressives as (by in large) their intellectual and social equals. They do not feel that way about social conservatives.  In their pride Libertarians need someone to look down on.  I know.  I used to be one.

Anyway, the token lefty hangs around long enough to begin making hiring decisions

And then before you know it something that was all about free minds and free markets, was all about Anthropogenic Global Warming and sucking Neil Degrasse Tyson's dick.

And they have indeed and truly arrived at Pajama's Media.

Roger Simon recently retired as it's editor in chief.  Changes immediately followed.  The minimalist format was replaced with a Gawker style format that didn't work as well because the money wasn't there.

And while some of the old hands stayed on, a lot of new worrying voices were suddenly being heard.  My first sign of real trouble was an article on the evils of declawing your cat.  There have been plenty of others since then.   Amusing video links are now frequent. 

And finally there was this headline; 6 Chilling Facts About the Alt Right.

They didn't just go Cuckservative, they did so with a shitty listicle.

Let's take a look at it, shall we?

1. They Are White Nationalists (AKA Racist)

Adherents of the alt-right often deny their racism. 

Because most of us aren't racists. 

Hell, most of us are former libertarians.

They scoff at the label "white supremacist," quick to correct critics and instead claim the label "nationalist." They do not necessarily believe that white people are better than others, or at least they try not to say so explicitly. Instead, they believe that white people hold a collective right to exist in a majority white nation.

This is naturally, the usual Gamma Male playing with words to reframe what you just said so that it no longer is what you said. This is usually prefaced with the words, "So what you're saying is..." 

It's a distinction with some difference, but proves equally immoral. 

No it doesn't and you are lazy as well as staggeringly dishonest to present this fallacy. "All cats have four legs. My dog has four legs, therefore my dog is a cat."

By this idiot's standards it's hyper racist  to say, "Whites have a right to exist."  

No, seriously.  They can't bring themselves to say that without swallowing or outright panicking.  The typical response if pressed it to deflect and say something like, "ALL people have a right to exist." They spin, twirl, pirouette, two-step and side step and in general dance flittingly around the question. They dissect it, examine under a microscope, dissolve it in acid...in short they do everything except answer the fucking question.  

This is the acid test of the Cuckservative.  Can he even say the words, "Whites have a right to exist as an ethnic people?"  In the end a Cuckservative simply can't because a Lefty would regard that statement as racist.  In their hearts the Cuckservative will always accept the Lefty paradigm as a starting point. 

Whether white supremacist or white nationalist, the underlying premise is that race has inherent value and properly ought to define social structure. They believe that the identity of a nation is defined, not by its culture, philosophy, or values, but by its racial purity.

Utter Gamma Male equivalence bullshit. He is presenting the two vastly different things as the same thing because both of them give him the same case of the bad feelz.

This is a typical of libertarians. The big thing to remember about these weenies is that they all secretly want the left to approve of them. They all secretly want to sit at the cool kids table.

Consequently they are constantly trying to prove to the left that they are different from the Religious Right or Racist Right or the Anybody Else Who isn't as Smart as Them Right. 

They crave above all things, the social acceptance of the Left.

2. They Reject America's Founding Principles

The alt-right rejects mainstream conservatism as known and pursued by the vast swath of traditional Republicans. Using familiar-sounding rhetoric, evoking lofty images of American greatness, they nonetheless reject the ideas upon which this nation was founded. Alt-right leader Richard Spencer makes this explicit in remarks chronicled by The Nation's Joan Walsh:

The Nation? The mother fucking NATION? This Libertarian is now quoting that old school communist rag to prove how bad we are?  Remember what I said about craving acceptance from the left?

Actually we are closer to the founding principles than the mainstream right. The constitution trumps the declaration of Independence as well as the Gettysburg address. Both of those worthies were entirely propaganda and were never meant to have the force of law. Let alone build a nation upon them.

3. While Vaunting "Western Civilization," They Reject Its Philosophical Basis

Bullshit. He is about to inject his own "philosophical basis" and call it Western

The alt-right rejects the philosophical accomplishments of the Enlightenment, which led directly to the creation of the United States. 

Like I said, Bullshit.  The American Revolution was in fact the fourth act of the English Civil War.  All the players are there if you know what to look for.   The Enlightenment was something that came along for the ride.  And since they did nothing about slavery, I'm not sure how much they really believed in it.

Mostly what the Founders created was the same system they had been governed under in the first place.  A limited Monarchy with an upper and lower house.  They just changed the names is all.

They seek a return to a pre-Enlightenment paradigm defined by tribalism and brute rule. 

I.E. Christianity.

Ian Tuttle expounds, writing for National Review:

The National Review. (*sigh*)

 At least this scribbler has moved from Commie to Cuck. That's...a thing.

“The Dark Enlightenment” is the name, first and foremost, of a fuzzily argued manifesto of sorts, penned by Nick Land, formerly a lecturer in continental philosophy at the University of Warwick, and another of [Breitbart writers Allum] Bokhari’s and [Milo] Yiannopoulos’s go-to “intellectuals.” Land is a more sophisticated thinker than [Jared] Taylor or [Richard] Spencer, but his “neo-reaction” is rooted in the same fundamental rejection of egalitarianism.

Because egalitarianism is a lie.

Libertarians used to get that. You can't make everyone equally godlike. But you can certainly make everyone equally a slave.


Tuttle continues:

Some want to put people in ovens; some just want an ability to “exit” multicultural society for an ethno-national arrangement. But they’re all in agreement: “All men are created equal” is not true.

The alt-right abhors individualism and rejects the principle of individual rights. 


They are collectivists. 


They believe that man obtains his value only in relation to his racial tribe. 


They don't truly want to "make America great again." They want to go back well before the Founding to make America something it never was, a Dark Age European ethno-state.

Actually the European ethno-states emerged from the Dark Ages.  Where I do assure the author that there was indeed plenty of free movement of ethnic peoples by via unrestricted immigration.   This invariably resulted in the genocide of the population of the area they moved into.  They rarely even kept the women and children as slaves.

But keep citing mythical examples where the free movement of people didn't eventually result in oceans of blood being shed when times got tough.

4. They are Against Free Trade

Good lord the man is actually in possession of a fact. How did that happen?  

However. Agreed sir.  We are.  It's an abject failure that has damaged the country severely over the past twenty years.

I will let that one stand without further comment.

5. They Are Intellectual

The alt-right should not be dismissed as a band of thoughtless rubes. These are not slack-jawed yokels wandering the hillside. The alt-right proceeds as a movement of ideas. This is not gut racism. It is brain racism. There is a rationale. Thought leaders such as Richard Spencer have sunk considerable time, money, and effort into developing and disseminating a worldview.

Okay make up your damn mind.

Is the Alt Right this?

Or is it this?

That was a trick question. 

 We're actually a lot closer to this:
These pretzels suck!

The Anti-Defamation League expounds.

Oh! Fuck you!

Couldn't you find any more lefty organizations to quote. How did you miss the Southern Poverty Law Center?

6. They Now Own the Republican Party and Its Nominee for President

And the rest is the usual #NeverTrump Gamma Male whining.

IF Hillary wins you bitches are the ones that going to own her. She will be your property in estate fee simple. You will have worked very hard to make President Clinton happen.

Only a Gamma Male could deny it so I expect you already are.

Fisk Concluded.

This entire piece was lazy rhetoric disguised as journalism. It had no other purpose than to discredit and disqualify.  There was zero intelligent engagement and truth is that it was never meant to have any.

PJ Media has begun it's inevitable descent into being a mainstream lefty webazine.  In five years time it will be impossible to tell the difference between PJ Media and Salon.

This is the invariable fate of any organization that doesn't explicitly and actively ban SJWs.

Yes, PJ Media was once a daily stop for me but no home is forever.

Time to move on.

* Okay, actually there were three...in the entire world.  None of them however would have found their way to a TEXANG unit.


Thank you Bob

** In fact Rather is still sticking with it.  He did manage to get Robert Redford to make his delusional version of events into a major movie...that completely flopped because no one could remember who bitching hell Dan Rather was.


bob k. mando said...

i realize this was a long post and all, but you forgot to type your second ( ** ) footnote on the Dan Rather paragraph.

Sillon Bono said...

>> This is a typical of libertarians. The big thing to remember about these weenies is that they all secretly want the left to approve of them. They all secretly want to sit at the cool kids table.

This,it is always this, because eventually the leftist want to appeal to leftist people.

Pajamas Media is dead, after the alt-right article I removed them off my bookmarks.

I understand now some comments people were making about Andrew Klavan, I said to myself, aaah now I understand.

Praise Kek.

exfarmkid said...

"I understand now some comments people were making about Andrew Klavan"

I listened to Andrew Klavan's podcast yesterday and, to paraphrase, he said he believes the accuser despite Gloria Aldred being involved. Is the man bereft of his senses?

Now I am curious as to what kind of things have been said of Klavan.

Starboard said...

That movie was hilarious. The righteousness. The betrayal. The swelling music.

Cataline Sergius said...


I had actually forgetten about it. I should make an effort to see it this weekend.

Jew613 said...

Dan Rather has become ever more pathetic, he's still going around claiming the story was true and he's still digging to prove it. It's just sad.