Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Paul Ryan Won His Primary


Paul Ryan, the Republican party’s most senior elected official, has survived an insurgent challenge in his own backyard from an outsider candidate dubbed a “mini-Donald Trump”.

The US House speaker comprehensively beat maverick businessman Paul Nehlen in Tuesday’s Republican primary in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district.

Ryan, who did not accept Nehlen’s challenge to a debate during the campaign, told reporters in Janesville on Tuesday night: “We knew we were going to do well. The outcome is exactly what we were hoping for and what we were expecting. Desperate candidates do desperate things for attention and I think that’s what we saw here.”

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said: “Congratulations to my friend Paul Ryan on a well-earned victory. Speaker Ryan’s commitment to faithfully representing the people of Wisconsin and making the case for conservatism have never changed, and his years of principled public service make him a trusted leader in our party.”

Jeb Bush tweeted his support for Ryan, saying: “Wisconsin Republicans rewarded strong, principled leadership today. There is a #BetterWay.”

You assholes have been in charge of this sinking ship since 1988.  Shouldn't you have found a better-fucking-way by now Mini-George?

Yes, Paul Ryan will continue to be with us.  And yes I've gone to bed with happier thoughts.

However I can take this much with me.

If the Speaker of the House is a member of your party and he loses his primary, you are guaranteed a congressional flip.  That always happens.

And while I have zero use for Ryan, I have even  less use for the wrinkled mummy from San Francisco who leads the Shadow Cabinet of the House.  

Painful as this is to admit, Ryan is preferable (*by millimeters*) to Pelosi.

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Jew613 said...

I find Paul Ryan fascinating, plenty of politicians clearly despise those they rule over. But Ryan is so open in his contempt for the American people, particularly the working class.