Thursday, August 18, 2016

Of Course America Had to Give Up Control of the Internet...Foreign Dictators Wanted It

All they had to do to get it was shake their finger at Obama and say, "you must do this because colonialism."

And of course President Assbag has never met an Anti-American totalitarian ruler that didn't have him on his knees and unzipping the local god-king's fly in seconds.

Naturally when they demanded that America hand over the keys to the biggest crown jewels. Obama, (after swallowing and wiping his mouth) smiled dreamily and handed them over.  In exchange he got praise for his oral technique and a head pat from the monsters that left him starry eyed when he was under-performing undergraduate in the 1980's.

"The proposal will significantly increase the power of foreign governments over the Internet, expand ICANN's historical core mission by creating a gateway to content regulation, and embolden [its] leadership to act without any real accountability," Cruz wrote in a letter sent to Commerce and signed by two fellow Republicans, Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah.

In the event any facilities are relocated to China, senators noted, they could go in the same building as the agency responsible for censoring that country's Internet. "We have uncovered that ICANN's Beijing office is actually located within the same building as the Cyberspace Administration of China, which is the central agency within the Chinese government's censorship regime," they wrote, noting that some of the American companies involved with the transition process have already "shown a willingness to acquiesce" to Chinese demands to aid with censorship.

"While this is certainly not illegal, it does raise significant concerns as to the increased influence that governments … as well as the culture of cronyism," they added.

Free speech was nice while it lasted.  But in a world with Obama at the helm it was never going to have staying power because the left has never had any use for it at all.

Except of course to protect the left.  But when it isn't needed for that anymore...well why keep it around?

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Friar Bob said...

One more target for Vox's Big Fork, I guess... or maybe this is their way of trying to prevent that project from succeeding.