Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Obama Has a Thing For a Backdoors

It's not much of  a gay joke even though I'd be shocked as hell if he hadn't swung both ways in college.

Back to my post.  I have to give the little twerp credit.  He is not just coasting in his last months as president.  He is still motoring along even in the home stretch.

We all knew the Little Assbag was lying through in our faces when he said we can keep our guns.  That was just an election year promise, our side knew he was lying and his side knew he was lying.  The only people who believed him or at least pretended to are the shit-for-brains conservatives who still vote Democrat if someone still just bothers to lie to them once every four years.  They are an important part of the Democrat constituency and the easiest to satisfy.

So here is Assbag's latest attempt at making the lives of law biding gunowners as miserable as possible.

Unable to ram unconstitutional gun control laws down the throats of American citizens, the Obama Administration has tried various stunts to hurt the gun industry, from an abortive ATF attempt to reclassify common training ammunition as “armor-piercing,” to banning the importation of historic American rifles and handguns from South Korea.

Their latest attempt is to try to extort gunsmiths of $2,250 via the U.S. Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) by redefining gunsmiths as “manufacturers” for doing work as simple as changing the sights on a pistol.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has issued a statement on this attempt at backdoor gun control which shows the industry isn’t going to accept this latest attempt by Barack Obama to undermine the Second Amendment.

If you can't convince them, regulate them.  Anything he pushes through Hillary will never backpedal.  Our would be Drunken Senile Braindamaged Empress would never dream of that.

Gun owners only hope is a Trump Presidency.

So Fuck  #NeverTrump

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