Friday, August 19, 2016

National Review is Under the Impression "We" are Winning the Culture War

A ridiculous notion.  That only Cuckcentral Station could buy into.

I am by nature an optimist but there is no point in being optimistic about having clearly and obviously lost a war.

However here are the things that National Review seems to think are grounds for happy feelz amongst the right wing.

I'm not doing a line by line fisking.  Just a recap.

1. Target stores back tracked

2. Bruce Jenner's show got cancelled

3. Ghostbusters bombed

4. College's have an alumni backlash

5. University of Missouri has bad enrollment

6. Gawker. is DOA

1.  Target's CEO declared all of it's restrooms would be gender neutral.  Naturally woman and fathers with young girls freaked out.  Target then declared it was adding gender neutral bathroom's to all of it's stores that didn't previously have a unisex bathroom

Regardless of a mild acknowledgement of financial reality (which they DID deny BTW) the policy remains in place.  This is not a roll back it's just a half step back to regain footing.

2.  Bruce's show got cancelled.  So fucking what?  The E-crowd was interested in the train-wreck value of a Republican Tranny.  But shit, we have the US Senate for that.  It became so common they got bored and moved on.

3.  No Ghostbusters didn't become a Billion Dollar Hit.  But that said, when Paul Fieg delivered an unfunny turkey, a strong marketing campaign with a feminist angle saved a sinking ship.  No it didn't make a profit but the losses are now with in acceptable limits and it's due to militant feminism....And lying.  Those things worked

4.  Colleges are facing a budget problem due to alumni not ponying up the dough.  National Review is pretending to believe a NY Times story that says it's due to their discontent with Progressivism...Rather than the more obvious answer, that old people don't have the money to burn on the old alma mater anymore.

5.  Yep Mizzu's enrollment is way down this year but not so much it won't survive.  And it certainly won't have to change any of it's ultra progressive stripes to do so.  Big picture time folks, this prog colony is still thriving in the heart of Red State America.  Largely at taxpayer expense.

6. The Death of Gawker is sweet of course.  They leave the world a worse place than when they arrived.  But the truth is that it wasn't a loss due to Lefty Cultural Rollback.  They lost because a guy with a lot more money and a hell of an axe to grind beat them with lawfare.

That is hardly good new for the rest of us, since most of us aren't billionaires.

All in all this is hardly a cultural rollback.  The SJWs are sort of in Admiral Yamamoto's position in 1942.  They have bowled over all opposition on every front for decades.  They are now justifiably over confident and are now, like Yamamoto, just throwing some strategy at the wall to see what sticks. Minor reversals were inevitable under these circumstances.

However, it should be remembered what Yamamoto's over reach quickly lead to:

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Jon M said...

I'll believe it when the abortion pendulum starts swinging away from the culture of death. The signs and portents look good, but for now they are only signs - not events.