Monday, August 29, 2016

John Ringo's View of the Importance of the Hugo Awards.

 This is from his Facbook page and is posted without further comment.

There's a photo over on my page of a lady's niece. Faith Marie. (As in Faith Marie Smith, heroine of the Black Tide books.) Things like that (I mean, naming your KID after one of my CHARACTERS?) is why I don't care about a Hugo.

'Mister Ringo, thank you for writing about a soldier with a disability. (Herzer Herrick) I woke up in Walter Reed Hospital missing an arm, a leg and one eye...',

'Dear Mister Ringo: My twin nieces are joining the Marines. They're huge fans and I'm wondering if I can get a signed copy of the Black Tide Rising anthology...'

My books have been spotted in the hands of Vice Presidents, Secretaries of Defense and State, members of the Joint Chiefs.

The former commander of First Cav 'has read everything you've ever written'.

A plank holder with Delta and former commander sat around when I was holding court at a convention and even told two unclass war stories and gave me the best damned compliment on my writing I've ever gotten: 'Mister Ringo, you have a fine hand for writing the warrior.'

I have a tricorner flag in this house. No, not my dad's. A bird went down in Afghanistan. The entire crew were fans. (Hell of a way to lose market, by the way.) Their NCOIC sent me one of the flags from a crewman who died without family. Cause he knew the kid was a big fan and he'd want me to have it.

And you expect me to care about some STUPID DICK-SHAPED ROCKET

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