Sunday, August 28, 2016

It's Time to Play Slap the Stupid Damien!!

With your host Larry (oh why are you so huggable?) Corriea.

Larry invented this fun game between painting miniatures, shooting the face off of his private mountain and writing New York Times best selling novels. 

It's fun because Damien is very stupid. 

Lets watch Larry play a round of it, shall we?

For those of you not familiar with Ace Reporter Damien Walter, you are in luck. Just go up to this blog’s search engine and type in “Village Idiot”, and a whole bunch of fiskings of his goofy/snooty ramblings will pop up. Every time I say something about how modern sci-fi fandom has gone so PC that it has shoved its head up its own ass, and some person thinks I’m exaggerating the state of things, along comes another Damien column, and that person is like “Damn, son. It’s worse than you said.” Truly, Damien is the gift that keeps on giving.
Since the Guardian is falling apart financially and laying people off, I can only hope that Damien is able to cling to employment. Ha! Who am I kidding? I doubt the Guardian actually pays him! He should be safe....
....With this year’s Hugo awards coming on Saturday night in the US, I thought I’d read some of the authors championed by the Puppies. (Don’t ever say I don’t do anything for you.)
Judging by how pathetic these reviews are, trust me, he still hasn’t done anything for you.
If you find meaning in straight-to-video Dolph Lundgren films, then Larry Correia’s novels will be your kind of read.
Wait… Is he comparing me to Dolph Lundgren, the ripped 160 IQ chemical engineer, turned Red Mother Fucking Scorpion, Ivan “I Will Break You” Drago, and all around bad ass… as an insult? 
Correia, accountant-turned-author-turned-Sad-Puppies-creator,
He left out the turned Machinegun Dealer part, which is what if I recall correctly, was what caused Damien to begin wetting the bed about me to begin with.
kicked off his Monster Hunter series with Monster Hunter International, about an accountant whose boss turns into a monster.
News flash. Guardian Book Reviewer reviews an author’s debut novel seven years late.
So he shoots him. In fact, much of the Monster Hunter series relies rather heavily on people the hero doesn’t like turning into monsters … so he can shoot them.
Another lie, but it just demonstrates that Damien merely skimmed the first chapter so he could fake a review.
The bit about the series relying heavily on people the hero doesn’t like turning into monsters so he can shoot them? I found out about this article when somebody shared it to the MHI fan page on Facebook. Nobody there could think of any other cases over five books where somebody the hero didn’t like turned into a monster so he could shoot them. The closest anyone could think of was the opposite happening.
You know what they say about assumptions, Damien? They say when you in particular make them you’re probably going to be wrong, because you’re a dope.
Speaking of assumptions, this is the same guy who published that I was a sexist/racist/homophobe, who when confronted for evidence, then crowd sourced a witch hunt of all my copious political writings to find something bad I’d said. And the best thing they could come up with was my teaching free self-defense classes to women (so they could shoot rapists in the face) was “victim blaming”. 
Sadly, Correia’s books are not quite awful enough to be good. They’re just mediocre.
Isn’t it a little weird that Damien chose to talk about my debut novel from 2009, rather than my 12th novel, Son of the Black Sword, which would have been the book eligible for this period? Because that book was picked as one of the best books of the year by the LA Times, Buzzfeed, and the Science Fiction Book Club, has gotten critical and even academic acclaim, and has been a finalist for the Audie, Gemmell Legend, AML, CLFA, H. Beam Piper Memorial, and Dragon awards. 
Go figure.

There you are a fun game at the expense of an arrogant, talentless twat who is hoping and praying that SJWism is the path to a decent career because it worked for John Scalzi.

Actually, that didn't work for Scalzi, now that I think of it.  He pretended he liked military science fiction and Libertarianism when he was starting out.  It was only when he finally gained access to new buttholes to lick in Hollywood that he decided to go full SJW.

N.K. Jemisin on the other hand was always a brain damaged SJW.  

Sadly for Damian, he is fundamentally disqualified from following in her footsteps.

I suppose he could start identifying as woman.  He's pretty much there now anyway.

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