Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Really Don't Want to Have to Like This Movie

It looks dumb as hell.

And it's by Seth Rogen which is easily strike two on general principle for me.  After all he is the fat pot addled turd who rushed to turn against his own when GammerGate first broke.  He certainly never back pedaled on that

However, the SJWs are outraged by Sausage Party.

Corpulent Canadian comedian Seth Rogen is getting in a ton of trouble with social justice warriors for perceived racial stereotypes in his new animated adult comedy Sausage Party.

The film, co-written by Rogen, is coming out tomorrow, but a tidal wave of liberal outrage is engulfing the movie, which is a spoof of Disney and Pixar animated films. Sausage Party‘s bizarre plot revolves around a hot dog’s relationship with other foods, and it ends with a food orgy.

The beef from the SJWs revolves around the racial stereotypes of some of the foods in the Sony movie. An Arabic loaf of lavash (voiced by David Krumholtz ) riffs on the 77 bottles of extra-virgin olive oil awaiting him in the next life. Also causing offense is an Irish potato who sings [Irish ballad] “Danny Boy” and whose catchphrase is “Jesus! F**k!”

Other comedic elements of the film that have galvanized the SJWs: Salma Hayek voicing a Mexican taco, a Native American bottle of Firewater (which quips he had settled in the grocery store first before getting shoved in the backroom), and some Nazi German sauerkraut dedicated to”exterminating the juice” compound. Critics are tweeting their distaste with how this Sausage is made:

Okay, so on the one hand I loathe Seth Rogen because he's fat hypocritical Canadian SJW.

On the other hand the hive mind has turned against him.  Should I support this film with my dollars?

Clearly the answer to that is, fuck no. 

But I can give Seth my sympathy... no not really.  Not even that. I really can't now that I've tried to do it.

Tell you what, I'll just sit back and enjoy the cannibalistic SJW butt hurt because that's always fun.

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