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Hulk Hogan's Overrated Sci-Fi Blog Get This Lied Again

I09 which is owned by the utterly doomed Gawker Media and lied constantly about GamerGate is of course lying about Puppy involvement in the Dragon Awards.

DragonCon Releases (Mostly) Puppy-Free Nominations For First Dragon Awards

The writer tortured these numbers so much they confessed their crimes against the state, screamed, "do it to Julia," and then discovered they loved Big Brother.

In short SJWs Always Lie.  In this case it's a needful lie for them because unlike the ironically named Worldcon, Dragoncon is huge.  Really impressively huge.  It actually attracts young people which Worldcon hasn't for thirty years.  It has major corporate sponsors and people go there expecting to have fun.

For example:  if you were the toriel cosplayer who gave me a blowjob at dragoncon, PLEASE inbox me. i think you took my wallet. it looks like an NES

So not really an SJW scene.  Because of the good looking people and the actual sex.

However parasites gonna parasite so naturually the SJWs are now trying to move into this space. They are doing so by their go to tactic of lying about everything. 

A lot of people in the scifi/fantasy fiction community are still hurting after two seasons of Hugo Awards drama, but another competition is trying to bridge the divide.

No, not really. The Dragons were created as a direct rejection of the revealed hypocrisy of the Hugo Awards. It was meant from the start to actually be an award for fandom at large.  This was by design not accident.  The initial butthurt screams of the CHORFs is proof enough of that.

DragonCon, Atlanta’s annual science fiction and fantasy competition, released the nominee list (see below) for the first-ever Dragon Awardsthis week. It includes several genre novels, comic books, films, and, interestingly, video and board games.

To be more exact it divided up the genres into categories that make a lot more sense than the decrepit old Hugos ever did.  Drama has no business competing with comedy. 

The Verge called the nomination list a “bit of a compromise between various factions within fandom,” with nominees ranging from the popular to the obscure, with even some self-published works. Part of this is attributed to the fact that you don’t need a membership in any organization to vote for the Dragon Awards—they’re free and open to the public.

No, it's not a bit of a compromise. It's an accurate pan-representation of fan tastes rather than merely those of the Women-of-the-All-White-But-Never-the-Less-Inclusive-and-Diverse-Because-they-Have-One-Asian-From-Silicon-ValleyCouncil. 

It also could be because it doesn’t look like either Sad Puppies or Rabid Puppies released Dragon Awards-specific slates.

That part is important, we'll get back to it. And yes he's about to lie.

Slating became a major problem last year with the 2015 Hugo Awards, when most of the nominees came from lists created by online groups Rabid Puppies and Sad Puppies (though Sad Puppies have called their lists recommended works). In retaliation, many people voted against the Puppies’ picks, going so far as choosing “No Award” when a category only had Puppies’ nominees.

Fast forward to 2016, and the problem resurfaced. Sad Puppies withdrew a bit after the controversy of 2015,

Another lie and a completely expected one. I swear this is all so predictable I could have written it for them. Well, I expect plenty of openings at Gawker subsidiaries shortly, so I should keep that in mind.

The Sad Puppies were started by our beloved Pan-Dimensional-Lord of Hate, Larry Corriea who is a very high profile writer. Brad Thor took up the banner when Larry went back to writing for living. Brad had to deploy halfway through his term as Lord of Darkness, so yes there was drop off. Kate the Impaler took the reins this year but frankly she isn't as high viz as Brad or especially Larry.

but Rapid Puppies creator Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) doubled down, again using the Hugo Awards as an outlet to get works he liked on the ballot— especially from his own publishing company, Castalia House.

The 2016 Rabid Puppies slate has dominated this year’s list of nominees, including yet another “Best Editor” nomination for Beale himself. (A few nominees have withdrawn from the competition in response.)

There it is, Vox started Rabid Puppies as a personal aggrandizement project for his own micro-publishing house that could never ever, ever get a major nomination of it's own accord. He even had the temerity to nominate himself! The cad! Unlike Patrick Neilson-Hayden who created the entire fucking category just so he could give a Hugo to himself.

In comparison, a couple of Castalia House books were nominated for Dragon Awards this year, but the presence is nowhere near the onslaught that’s overtaken the Hugo Awards two years in a row. Beale has also released a list of works from the Dragon Awards nominations that he thinks should win.

Wait a minute. Didn't you just strongly indicate that nothing from the Puppies could ever have gotten a nomination without a full blown campaign to get it on the ballot. (*Note; it wasn't much of a campaign. I know, I was a part of it*) So how in the world did those books and stories get there? It couldn't be that people actually...well...like those...those things! It can't be true! It has to be a lie!! It fucking has to be!!! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though it’s a new year and a new award, the wounds of the Hugo Awards’ controversy still blur into DragonCon’s list. Author John Scalzi, who was very vocal against Sad and Rapid Puppies both years, confirmedthis week that he’s declining his Dragon Awards nomination for The End of All Things, along with any other nominations this year, because he wants to focus on other people’s work instead.

I09's now obligatory asslicking of Scalzi has been ritually performed.

Also Scalzi hasn't a chance in hell of winning if the game isn't rigged in his favor and he knows it. His reputation has been in freefall after his last two releases. I thought he could handle the big money pressure after Tor's Big Advance to him. Wrong call, he is folding like a flower.

The Hugo Awards happen next week in Kansas City, while the Dragon Awards will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta on Sept. 5.

Because Dragoncon kicked WorldCon off it's privileged spot on Labor Day weekend. (*giggle*)

If by mostly Puppy Free, that headline means like 1/3 of the nominees were Sad Puppy participants or favorites, sure, but that’s like proudly proclaiming Utah is (Mostly) Mormon-Free. As in, you could write that headline, but you’d have to be A. a liar or B. an imbecile.
Sad Puppy and Dragon nominee, Brian breaks down the actual numbers 

The take away is that the author is either a compulsive liar or really shitty at math. Either way, Hulk Hogan should fire her.

I’m not going to bother fisking this, because the article is a bunch of garbled nonsense strung together in the vain hopes of establishing their regular dipshit CHORFed out narrative. It is really dumb, even by Gawker standards.

The highlights include the fact that they are surprised we didn’t use slates. Well, duh. Since the Dragon awards are an actual inclusive award for all of fandom, and not an insular closed circle jerk of like minded friends taking turns giving each other awards, why would we?

When I started Sad Puppies the Hugos “represented all of fandom”, I said no they don’t, they only represent one tiny, politically biased group, and people like this called me a liar (I believe it was io9 that hailed 14 white liberals and 1 Asian liberal winning Hugos as a Victory of Diversity). Until after a couple of years of us getting Wrongfun on the ballot, then they shifted gears and the Hugos became “their special precious thing which belongs only to their special group”. Which is what I said it was all along. Go figure.

So places like io9 and Entertainment Weekly called us sexist/racists and our secret goal was to keep women and minorities out of sci-fi (which considering our nominees means we were really bad at it). This culminated in a boondoggle of the Hugos handing out wooden assholes, and No Awarding all the Wrongfan favorites–regardless of whether they were worthy or not–to send a message. And that message was Keep Out You Are Not Welcome In Our Club.

Once we firmly established that they were full of shit and the Chorfs abandoned the narrative that the Hugos represented All of Fandom, they started telling Wrongfan that we should go start our own awards. Inevitably somebody said okay.

So along comes an a new big fan award, from a giant thriving convention, so there can be an actual fan award representing all of fandom again. Then the nominees, shockingly enough, featured a bunch of popular things that fans like. Most people rejoiced, while Chorfs got butt hurt, because they hate when people have fun wrong.

Only in the mind of a social justice addled io9 writer could this all new award filling the void left by the old award floundering its way into snooty oblivion, turn into “bridging the gap” and “a compromise between various factions of fandom”. No, idiots. It is a fan award. Enthusiastic fans rallied around stuff they loved.  DragonCon realizes this, and DragonCon embraced the fun.

So there it is. The opening salvo of the campaign to subvert the Dragons into yet another SJW lickfest award has been fired and the battle is now joined.

And this one the SJWs are going to lose just like they did GamerGate.  Expect cries of the Dragon Awards are racist-sexist-homophobic when the awards are actually announced.

And WorldCon favorites get the shut out.

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