Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hollywood Remains Planet DoubleDown

Ocean's Eight (?) is to have an all female cast.

Look, I don't have the mangiest of  flea bitten dogs in this fight.  I indeed and truly do not give a fuck about Ocean's Anything.  I kind of liked the first one and couldn't make it much past the credits in the second one.  That was it for me and the Ocean's 11 crew.  I never watched another of them.

The thing is, I don't admire con-men.  I can see why Hollywood does but I sure as fuck don't.  If you ever run into a con-man let me assure you it is a life altering event, one that is up there with killing a man for the first time.  (*No, that isn't hyperbole, it's just Cataline reminiscing*)  Con-man are nothing short of cancer.  They are the worst kind of parasites that exist on god's clean Earth.

Consequently I loathe movies and TV shows celebrating con-men as the heroes.  They are always portrayed as looting the bad, bad evil man...Instead of the middle class suburbanite who will now be working until the end of his life because his life savings are gone and he suddenly has three mortgages on his house, plus he will be sending his kid to community college instead of a Near-Ivy because the college fund is gone too (*good news for the kid I suppose*).  **

So unlike Ghostbusters (2016) (*just an example here Jon M*) I don't really care about how bad this movie is going to be.   And yes it's going to be drab and awful.

@Warner Bros has firmed an October start date in New York for Ocean’s Eight, the female-driven caper spinoff directed by Gary Ross, and the studio is closing with its principal cast. Aside from the previously identified Sandra Bullockand Cate Blanchett, deals are close with Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling and Awkwafina. The latter is the hip-hop moniker of Asian-American rapper and actress Nora Lum, who most recently had a role in Neighbors 2.

It's not a bad cast, I rather like some of them.

What bothers me is the consistently bad decision making that is going on in Hollywood all of a sudden.  There was a time and it wasn't all that long ago (Hell, call it six years)  where decisions were ruthlessly made in the name of the almighty dollar.  Yes, it was brutal but you couldn't call it personal, (not usually anyway).  But now...without any kind of government pressure...these private businesses are making incredibly bad business decisions in the name of politics and they are getting away with it.

Then again...

Thinking it over, maybe there is political pressure.  Or rather a lack of it.  So long as they tow the line, New York money, which these days is indistinguishable from Washington money, will always bail them out.

Why not pursue your multi million dollar political hobby?  Sure the movie will be terrible and no one will watch it but the only consequence for your actions will be an even bigger check from the taxpayers.

** It should also be noted that con-men will never-ever-ever go after the actual bad, bad evil man because when that motherfucker figures out he's been burned he gets out the razor-wire and blowtorch. 


Jew613 said...

I had some experience with a con man. When I was a kid there was a man in my town who would go from shul to shul getting the synagogue to support him. Usually giving him a place to stay for free or paying his rent and bills. He'd make money by various business ventures that always failed, he'd get out and his partners would be left holding the bag. That and nuisance lawsuits people would pay him to just go away. If you talked to this guy he'd say exactly what you wanted to hear but it sounded so natural you'd believe it.

Jon M said...

My eyes lit up...and then you cut me off with a parenthetical. Le sigh.

Still: Bullock, Blancette, Hathaway, Rhianna...Kaling? I think we all know who the grenade is in that bachelorette party.