Thursday, August 18, 2016

ESPN: Your Source for SJW Sports News

Football, (thankyou oh, Father in Heaven) is back.

This year it's bringing something new.  SJW commentators at ESPN.

Apparently NFL players who are paid millions just to play ball are now expected by the Disney owned ESPN to start virtue signaling like fucking crazy.  

Sure SparklePunter was more than happy to go along with this but let's face it Chris Kluwe is just a kicker who loudly blamed his SJW views for the fact that his team decided he was a past his sell by date, washout.  Something the NFL produces by the hundreds every year.

Let's face it, he's no Cam Newton.

ESPN’s Around the Horn has gone from one of the best, longest running panel shows the network has ever had, to an absolutely farcical flagship of left-wing lunacy.

Yesterday, the panel at ATH lamented the fact that Cam Newton didn’t feel racially persecuted. Because, apparently, that’s bad. On Tuesday’s edition of the show, the panel discussed really silly comments made by the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, who said the NFL’s culture makes players not speak publicly on cultural issues, out of fear of repercussions.

So, the problem with politics and the modern athlete, is that the modern athlete doesn’t speak out enough? Really?

J.A. Adande is right about one thing though. Resolving the situation in Milwaukee will take more than “thoughts and prayers.” It’s going to take people realizing that a black cop shooting a black person who is evading arrest, while carrying a semi-automatic handgun and refusing to drop said gun, is not racism.

That’s something Adande could have read while researching school segregation in Milwaukee. Something that hasn’t happened in over 50 years.

Yeah sports!

Just as a footnote. Cam Newton is a rather spoiled and selfish Millennial man-child who didn't exactly grow up in the hood. He has never been racially persecuted in his life and it's rather tragic that it says something positive about him for never lying about it in public, *

We are so far gone, a lack of public dishonesty is unacceptable to a (failing) Disney subsidiary.

(*Well not yet anyway. *)


Jew613 said...

ESPN is in the process of destroying itself, or converging. Viewers will go elsewhere, Inside the NBA on TNT has become very popular in part because its an old school boys club sports show. ESPN could take a lesson if they want to save themselves.

Cataline Sergius said...

Forget it.

Disney is now fully converged. ESPN will not be permitted to save itself.

The more their ratings slip, the more they will go into full on doubledown mode.