Monday, August 22, 2016

Brad Torgersen on the Hugos

This was from Facebook

Didn't watch or listen to the Hugos tonight. Was outside with my wife, working on our wood shed remodel (for the coming winter) while listening to some old Santana and Steely Dan. I see (from the final .pdf) that there was a massive—and necessary—makeup call (Sheila Gilbert) as well as a stopped-clock-is-right-twice-a-day call (Andy Weir, THE MARTIAN) and a big honking canary in the coal mine: Jerry Pournelle came in behind NO AWARD for his category. Folks, when one of the (literal) giants who helped build this field, gets that kind of treatment from the supposed Real Hard-Core Ultimate Super Special True Fans of science fiction and fantasy . . . well, it doesn't matter. Dragon Con basically NO AWARDED the Hugos in their entirety, way back in April. The Hugos are now like watching a dead frog being made to twitch on an electric plate. There's movement. Definitely activity. But it's not life.

At this point everyone knows that the Dragon Awards are the gold standard and they haven't even passed one of them out yet.

The Hugos are done.  No one takes them seriously except the SJWs

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Jew613 said...

I do enjoy how every year the sjws keep declaring victory over the puppies, followed by an even worse result the next Hugos.