Thursday, August 11, 2016

Aw Crap There is Going To Be A New Star Trek Series

This is a repost from back in November when I presciently predicted that the new Star Trek TV show would go full SJW.

Sadly, I was of course completely correct.

Even sadder is the fact that the latest movie; Star Trek Beyond was actually getting back on track now that J.J. Abrams is busy fucking up the Star Wars universe.  Simon Pegg delivered a script that knew what Star Trek was supposed to be about.

Sadly the boxoffice drop for this new one has been rather steep.  It will be the last of the Star Trek movies for a little while.

Anyway  REPOST

From the title of this post you may have intuited a certain lack of enthusiasm for this new project on my part.

Do you want to see why?

“Maybe you need to have a queer captain,” (John Joseph Adams) says. “LGBTQ representation in Star Trek is one area in which they’ve been most lacking. They have dealt with it, but they haven’t had a lot of main characters who had any sort of non-traditional gender roles or sexual preferences.”It's going to be on CBS so Gay Kirk is a serious possibility.

Meh...It's been done.
But would they do it.  

Oh hell yes.  I'm sure they will do it.

I am in my bones certain the SJWs are going to wreck the new Star Trek somehow.  Certainly a gay captain is good start.

Yes, I know the SJWs already wrecked one version (Voyager).  But that was done by 1990s SJWs.  Lets face it, they were no where near as virulent a strain as what we have today.

Something you have to remember about the SJWs is that they always play the puck where it was. Never where it's going to be.  A moribund intellectual property to an SJW is like shit to flies. Unutterably irresistible.  

It doesn't require them to be particularly original, which is good because they have no real imagination.   Just take a look a look at John Scalzi's career.  He just landed a three million dollar contract to keep grinding out fanfic.

It's got an over optimistic built in audience already and waiting to be disappointed.

They can usually avoid getting too in your face with the Social Justice pap during the trailer...but not always.  Their grip on reality isn't as good as their parents.

The original series was center left.  Really more grounded in the post WWII anti-war sentiment.  However(big comma) the men of that era (Rod Serling being a perfect example) while believing war was a terrible thing didn't believe that there was nothing worse than war.

Here is a thumbnail bio of real creator of Star Trek, Gene L. Coon.

Gene Coon served in the United States Marine Corps for four years during and after World War II, seeing combat in the Pacific theater and serving in China and in occupied Japan...

...His credited creations for Star Trek include the Klingons and the Organian Peace Treaty (in "Errand of Mercy"), Khan Noonien Singh (in "Space Seed"), Zefram Cochrane (in "Metamorphosis"), the Prime Directive in "d Starfleet Command in "Court Martial". Since he also had the responsibility of revising scripts, his worked uncredited on many other episodes. He also mentored the young Gerrold and helped him polish the script for the The Return of the Archons" and "Bread and Circuses", the United Federation of Planets in "Arena", anepisode "The Trouble with Tribbles."[1] Other popular Star Trek episodes that he wrote include "The Devil in the Dark", "Arena", and "A Taste of Armageddon". He is credited with much of the character development of Star Trek‍ '​s characters, much of the humor of Star Trek, and the disagreements between Spock and McCoy. In the closing credits of the 1999 Star Trek tribute film Free Enterprise, he is referred to as “The Forgotten Gene” (in comparison to the recognition received by his close friend and collaborator, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry).

In short Coon basically created and ran Star Trek, while Gene Rodenberry accepted the credit for something that was little better than a thumbnail sketch.

There was no Coon when Next Gen came along.  It showed.  Rodenberry's coke addled mind was clearly at the helm and his failed creations from 1970s pilots predominated the first two years of the show. 

Coon creation the fearsome and vaguely Asiatic Klingons.

Roddenberry creation; the profit driven and slightly anti-Semitic Ferengi.

Without Gene L. Coon or anyone remotely like him.  The show drifted into silly progressivism. Kirk gave way to Picard.  By 2015 Hollywood isn't remotely capable of producing anyone at all like Gene L. Coon.

Naturally the new show will pander to critics and the easiest way to guarantee good reviews these days would be a gay would be an LGB-letter-salad captain.  Their eyes will sparkle at the what they will call courage. Of course by now a gay character isn't courageous at all it's simply de rigueur.  If you are a modern producer you throw one in to make yourself feel all evolved and get good reviews from critics who want to feel the same way for the same reason.

From the article:

Jordan is confident that if the new show stays true to the classic Star Trek values, the franchise will remain vibrant for years to come.

“Star Trek is the original,” he says. “It’s the template. It’s always going to be socially relevant and wildly popular.”

It's original values. 

Well it wouldn't be proper Marxism without rewriting history.  And of course airbrushing the historically inconvenient out of the picture.

Footnote:  In case you are wondering why a TV show?

Simple, the movies dont make enough money

The new Star Trek reboot has been profitable but not wildly so.  Neither film has broken the 500 mil mark and the production budgets are high.  They are looking at a flop sooner rather than later now that Abrams is playing in Lucas' old backyard.  But there is probably enough blood in the stone for one more movie but after that it's back to the little screen for the Enterprise.

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