Wednesday, August 3, 2016

And The Establishment Steals One Back

Freedom Caucus member loses his seat in during the  primaries.

Guess who was behind it?

If you guessed Ameritrade CEO Joe Ricketts?  Good boy!  You get a biscuit! 

Rep. Tim Huelskamp lost his congressional seat Tuesday in a brutal Republican primary battle that pitted unlikely foes against each other while attracting an unusually large amount of money for a rural Kansas district.

Roger Marshall, a local obstetrician, bested the three-term congressman with the help of powerful groups both inside and outside the state, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Ending Spending political action committee.

Huelskamp notched high-level endorsements from Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, as well as the support of Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity and the Club for Growth.

Okay two things that are obvious; (1) Republicans in Kansas are very, very stupid. They are easily chumped if you throw enough money at them. Should you be in the right wing in Kansas, for the love of Blorg get away from the local GOP...they will leave you a mind neutered SJW, who only kinda, sorta leans to the right and is most embarrassed about it.

(2) The Establishment has very little in the way of vitality but does have a shitload of money. The Walking Dead of the GOP are not so decayed away that they can't infect the innocent with their rotting, infectious and virus ridden bite.

I am still very very unfreaked out about this presidential election. The poll bounce for Hillary was completely expected and naturally the SJWs are building a narrative of inevitability around it. Feigning inevitably is their default state. They built an entire failed Second World around it. They tried to build one around Ghostbusters (2016) and it was still a bad movie that collapsed in its second week.

But never forget, the SJWs are the enemy in exile.

The Establishment is the enemy that lives under our own fucking roofs.

Treat them as such!


Jon M said...

Just can't get aay from that movie , can you? Makes sense. In giving us Ghostbustiers, they really did provide us with a perfect and relatable touch stone for everything they do.

Jew613 said...

What is most amazing about the Ghostbusters train wreck is no one from Sony took Melissa Mccarthy aside and gently told her "Stop insulting our movie's primary fan base in every venue you can find".