Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Top Ten Sexiest Women in Science Fiction: A Completely Arbitrary Listicle

Doubtless I will be hearing all sorts of complaints on this one.  Doubtless they will all have some merit and doubtless I will not care.

10.  Caroline from La Decima Vittima because I wanted something obscure enough to give me fanboy cred.  And Sheckley is under rated these days.

9.  The cast of Bible Black because Hentai is a thing And I'm not going to pretend it isn't.

8.  Inara from Firefly because I want to pretend I'm eclectic

7.   Princess Ardala because Wilma Deering always wore too many clothes

6.  Scarjo as that chick in Under the Skin  who wanders around with her shaved gooch out because while I love abusing millennials, I still value their clicks.  Yes, Cataline is a hypocrite. how the fuck did you work that one out?

5.  Mercedes Carrera because tribal loyalty

4.  Slave Leia because I have no choice

3. Princess Dejah Thoris because she is Princess Dejah Thoris.

2.  Aeryon Sun from Farscape because it's been better than ten years and this tongue flick still works for me

1.  Friday because it's my list and I damn said so.

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