Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Old Right Wing vs The New

The most ridiculous claim by the old right is that the new is killing conservatism.  

The truth is it's been dead for years;

For these post-Reagan Republicans, conservative was pass√©. They needed to be “compassionate conservatives,” as if there were something vaguely inhumane about the liberty enterprise. Government was no longer the “necessary evil” envisioned by the Framers, the butt of the Gipper’s aforementioned quip. It was our beneficent guardian who “has got to move” whenever “somebody hurts.” These Republicans doubled the national debt before Obama came along to double it again. The new and improved GOP swelled the size and scope of government; created new entitlements even as the existing ones were bankrupting us; enacted “campaign-finance reform” well aware that it flouted the First Amendment; and derided their own base as racist xenophobes for resisting amnesty for illegal aliens. And was there any Obama overreach that they weren’t happy to foot the bill for?

Take away the conservatism, the limited-government constitutionalism, the devotion to liberty, the fiscal discipline, the clear-eyed recognition of America’s enemies, and what are you left with? A Republican party whose only real boast is that it can do statism with more adult moderation than the hard Left that has captured the Democratic party. To the extent that, a generation ago, “Republican” was fairly thought synonymous with “conservative,” it thus became a party “Republican” in name only — a party in which all principles were negotiable. That made it a party ripe to be taken over by Donald Trump. But what is now officially Trump’s party has not been my party for quite some time.

Every candidate since 1988 has more or less promised to be the new Ronald Reagan.  Okay Papa Bush didn't actually promise THAT.  He sort of indicated that if you voted for him as Reagan's direct successor you'd get more of the same.  He reneged on that deal almost immediately.  He never had any intention of following Reagan's ideals.  "Kinder and gentler America."  In short he was a liberal that was twenty years behind the power curve.

Papa Bush was a Washington aristocrat.  He would do nothing that would harm the tribe he was born into.  The age of Intelligent, Sensitive and Caring Republican candidate for President was established, although they always called themselves Reagan Republicans.   A pro-forma lie that had to be repeated endlessly.

Possibly the funniest line I heard this year was when Jeb claimed to be Reaganite.

The problem is that even if this wasn't a lie (which of course it is), Ronald Reagan is not the man we need now.

The day of the soft shell libertarian globalist, is over.

We tried Free Trade.

It's time to stop trying Free Trade.

At this point if you believe in it's benefits you are either a delusional religious fanatic or you are super rich, one of the two.

Continuing to pursue globalism when the very concept of  the state as defined by the treaty of Westphalia is undergoing a crisis of legitimacy, is pursuing a plan that has failed.  Believing extra hard in something does not make it more real.

Scanning through the National Review is now a daytrip to a dream world.  One where the disasters of the Bush presidency were but minor footnotes and somehow in some way there is some other choice that can be made other than Trump or Hillary.

The difference between the old right and the new is simple enough.  The old right is living in fantasy, the new right sees the world for what it really it.

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Anonymous said...

Reagan was the outlier. HW was all too willing to undo everything Reagan tried to do and still ride his coattails. If you take Reagan out, it all flows together. Reagan was a force to be reckoned with and though the GOP tried to stop him, they instead just waited.

We're turning a much needed corner with Trump. Whether he wins or loses, but esp if he wins, the GOP will be much different in 8 years as the Bush crowd will have been completely pushed aside and new folks step in. Will be interesting. Plus, the Donks are imploding and that will have a effect for sure.