Sunday, July 24, 2016

The DNC Wikileaks Are Comedy Gold

I was expecting something like this years ago. The DNC consists of people who are too important to ever have their E-mail hacked.  The truth is unless you are under threat of cyber-attack you tend to let your security slide.

And the Democrats in their most secret hearts are convinced that it is only their people who are doing the hacking and therefore they have nothing to worry about.

Wrong call. 

“This is the LAST straw,” Wasserman Schultz wrote Miranda in a message sent from her private gmail. “Please call Phil Griffin. This is outrageous. She needs to apologize.”

“Since you already went to Chuck I’ll wait for his response,” Miranda wrote back.

“I think we need to speak to both of them,” Wasserman Schultz responded. “I’ve been talking to Phil [Griffin] about this since our breakfast.”

Miranda, meanwhile, penned an email to DNC press secretary Mark Paustenback over the Morning Joe hit: “Fucking Joe claiming the system is rigged, party against him, we need to complain to their producer.”

Behind the scenes, Todd and Miranda also corresponded, the emails show, with Miranda imploring Todd to ask the Morning Joe team to “at minimum… consider the facts on some the key allegations they’re making.”

“Between us, you think the call is a good idea?” Todd wrote late that night, apparently referring to a scheduled conversation between Wasserman Schultz and Brzezinski.

“Not necessarily,” Miranda wrote. “If Mika doesn’t like her, I’m not sure it’s worth either of their time. I’ve lowered her expectations, but don’t know. If you think Mika is set in stone I’m happy to kill it.”

The next day, Miranda emailed Wasserman Schultz. “Mika is willing to do a call with you, so we need to know if you want to make that happen too. We figure it can’t get worse, so worth having a call,” he advised.

Okay we all make fun of MSNBC.  I mean honestly how can you not.  But I had always presumed that it's core audience were just aging Baby Boomer lefties.

Again, wrong call.  Their core audience appear to be the DNC.  And MSNBC has the ratings to prove it.

The Democrats are obsessed with MSNBC's Morning Joe.  And Ding-bat Debbie is pretty fucking far from an exception here.

Leaked e-mails from the Democratic National Committee reveal a family feud between DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and liberal cable news network MSNBC over the channel’s suggestion that Schultz had “rigged” the Democratic primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton.

The e-mails, revealed by Wikileaks, show that DNC staffers and Wasserman Schultz were furious about criticisms on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe” that “the system is rigged” against Bernie Sanders. Consequently the DNC set up meetings with MSNBC’s embattled president, Phil Griffin, to try to influence the morning show’s coverage.

On May 18th, Wasserman Schultz was particularly outraged on by “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski’s criticism of her handling of the primaries. Brzezinski had called for Wasserman Schultz to resign.

There is zero doubt in my mind that every intelligence service on the planet hacked into the clinton.mail server one second after one their "agricultural diplomatic attaches" got a load of the email address from the American Sec State and said, "what the hell is this?"

It probably was that easy.
This was Hillary's password, remember?

And I am just as certain everyone of their collections analysts said, "this is bullshit!  There is no way the American Secretary of State just handed us the crown jewels.  This is clearly and obviously a disinformation scam.  And a pretty fucking stupid one too.  The Americans have no talent at all for this stuff at all."

Honestly that was my initial reaction to the Wikileaks on DNC's mail.  They couldn't be that stupid, I said to myself.

However, the run in circles, scream and shout reaction means that it is entirely authentic.  As does the DNC's known obsession with Morning Joe...the least influential show in America.

Nobody watches it who isn't already a part of the SJW hivemind.

UPDATE:  And Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is OUT as the Democrats Party Chairman!  The DNC Wikileaks claims it's first victim right before Hillary goes to her convention.

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