Thursday, July 21, 2016

So You Have Been Falsely Accused of Rape


If this happens outside of a university you have (for the moment at least) recourse to the rule of law.

A few common sense precautions and you should be fine.  After sex-texts, covert recording, NEVER fuck a feminist (etc).

Most importantly; Follow Through.  Be the same guy who seduced her in the first place.  Don't let her see a completely different personality type once you've busted a nut.  Do that and she will want to see you again and again.

However if you are in college you now face a horrifying Stallinesqe show trial.  The burden of proof is reversed and you arrive at "court" already convicted.  If you are going to college in California, you are beyond fucked because that hilarious collection of hippies, drug addled window lickers and post child baring manic depressives, known as the California State legislature have actually given these kangaroo courts legal recognition.  The Deep Blues are rapidly following California's lead...of course.

Meet your new State Senator

There is the question of why go to a college in the first place, if you are man.  This is a legitimate question that no male high school senior will ever ask himself because the entire public educational system is now feeder for the university system.  But that will be a topic for another day.

So you have foolishly entered the university system and stayed there past your freshman year.  You didn't get laid as freshman obviously.  Freshmen girls wanted upper classsmen and upper classmen coeds didn't want you.  Which was probably to the good, so far as you were concerned.  It let you concentrate on your studies.

But now you are in your second year.  You have moved into the frat house.  Freshman girls are finally interested in you and the sororities are marching their bipedal buffet of sensual delight around for your inspection.

Given your age, you do not have tight game.

Scenario: A girl who willingly went to bed with you, starts crying now that it's over.

She had never done anything like this before and she has a guy back home that she has just cheated on. She wants to blame you and so...she will.

You break frame and start apologizing and asking her if she is all right and if there is anything you can do to help her.  She dresses quickly and leaves in tears.

A few days later you stand accused before the Central People's Committee of Social Justice.  The charge of rape would be laughed out of any court in America.

But you are no longer in America.

How do you fight this:

Simple...Embrace your inner woman

"Instead, the accused ex-boyfriend claims that the charge against him cannot possibly be true.  The reality, he says, is that during the time he was dating his accuser, his gender identity was feminine.  Not only was his gender identity feminine, it was also lesbian — and to the extent his appearance on campus was externally masculine, he behaved that way because he had discovered that he had much greater sexual success as a lesbian (with sexual success defined as encounters with other women) when those same women believed he was a man.  He knew, however, at all relevant times, that he was a lesbian having sex with the woman now hiding behind a screen and accusing him of the heteronormative crime of rape.

Not only does the accused ex-lesbian boyfriend deny the charges against him, he counterattacks.  His accuser, he says, the so-called “victim,” has caused him deep emotional distress.  She is therefore guilty of microaggressions directed at (1) lesbians, (2) women, and (3)gender fluid individuals.  Moreover, the administrative tribunal itself is a triggering factor that has caused him to relive in a post traumatic stress way the horrors of a childhood with religious conservative parents who insisted that men are men, women are women, and that marriage can be only between one man and one woman.

Because of these appalling microaggressions and triggering events, the manifestly innocent ex-lesbian boyfriend, upon leaving this administrative tribunal, plans to head directly to Leslie Abramson’s office, where he will file a suit against the University and his accuser alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, gender bias, emotional distress, and all other claims necessary to compensate him for the terrible emotional wrongs committed against him."

I would also expand on this point and identify with another race. Native American is still the easiest if your family has been here for a while. Check the Native American registry and see which tribes have expanded the most in the last five years. That usually means they are playing fast and loose with the rules to expand tribal membership. 

There are other advantages as well

You might also want to have some Melissa Etheridge vinyl lying around your room...just in case.

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