Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RLM Reviews Ghostbusters So Thoroughly That I Don't Have To. (YEEEAAAAAAH!!!!! *Muppet Arms!*)

First how to do Ghostbusters the right way

Next how to do Ghostbusters the wrong way.

Now these guys are solid lefties but they are not enslaved by the Hivemind.  And yes, they think it indeed and truly both blows and sucks.

What I really find most offensive about the Ghostbusters is not the feminism, (don't get me wrong, I do loath the feminist rot that has infested it).  But the incompetence of the business model.

There was money to be made here and an all girl cast could have played into that.  True you would have needed at least ONE sexually attractive Ghostbuster instead of this cavalcade of beautiful in a different way women, plus one lesbian who was clearly a lesbian.  However, there was no attempt whatsoever to entice the preexisting core audience.

And forgive me for stating the fucking obvious but the preexisting audience is the only reason there is to revive the Ghostbusters plate in the first damn place.

It was never going to be easy, there was always going to be a lot of potential  nerd rage that was going to have to be carefully negotiated. But the reward is a big hit and new franchise for a company that is desperate for one.

But Paul Feig didn't even try to entice them in.  In fact he was from the start openly hostile to the existing fan base.  In the movie itself there is one nerd who is clearly a stand-in for Ghostbusters fandom, this character is there to be made fun of.

This was a film that was supposed to revive a franchise but the film makers apparently loathed and despised their current base of support and desperately wanted a brand new audience..

Hi, director Paul Feig here.
I'm the Republican Party Establishment of Filmmakers.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed RLM's review, and was surprised at how relatively unbiased it was. They obviously would have preferred to stick it to all the anti-feminists and such, but probably due to their love for the original film they kept it pretty honest.

I did think the little guy was being very dishonest at the end, mocking the internet for getting upset about a bland remake -- when they had just talked about how the film was quite terrible and goes out of its way to show contempt for the fan base.

If nothing else, having the movie suck is painful for fans since it means they won't get a decent Ghostbusters movie now, possibly forever, but definitely for at least another 5-10 years, and even then only if this franchise fails hard enough for the studio to let go of the sunk cost. That seems like an excellent reason to be ticked off at the people making this turd.

I also hated the section about how Force Awakens "did it right" in terms of respecting the source material. It is a handoff, at least, instead of erasing the originals from continuity, so that's less insulting, and from a money standpoint it was successful. But creatively? What TFA did was say that all our heroes from the superior earlier films are now has-been losers who failed at everything they were trying to do. The New Republic failed to restore democracy to the galaxy, Han and Leia failed as spouses and as parents, Han quit trying to develop and just went back to what he used to do in his early 30's like a divorced man moving into a little apartment, Leia quit politics to ineffectively infiltrate the empire, and Luke failed to establish a new Jedi order and in fact produced exactly -1 successfully trained Jedi in the span of 30 years. I'm not sure you could insult the original trilogy more if you tried. It's pretty sad if that's the yardstick we're using now.

Jew613 said...

Why do the feminists hate nerds so much? As far as I can tell the nerds are relatively friendly to the feminists and in general are a very harmless bunch. What is it about nerds that pisses SJWs in general and Feminists in particular off so much?

Anonymous said...

As I understand it it's because nerd culture is male. A huge percentage of nerds are male, and nerd culture was underground and uncool enough until recently that women didn't care about it. Thus men could still make the stuff that they liked without feeling ashamed of it.

Now that it's being mined for stories, it's big and popular, so it must be forced to bow down to politically correct dogma. From the Sony hack we know that Amy Pascal always intended the Ghostbusters reboot to be a feminist, anti-male project.

Feminists hate for men to have anything they enjoy that caters to them. The Ghostbusters reboot is about finding something male nerds love and identify with, something that's very masculine (science, exterminating, blue collar work, facing danger, etc. are all almost exclusively male) and taking it away from them, much like Force Awakens for Star Wars nerds. It's the same with all the feminists whining about video games. They aren't giving these things to anyone, since the whiners and their ilk aren't going to be interested in the resultant mutilated product, just like they weren't interested before the changes they demanded were implemented, but at least then men can't have them and enjoy them anymore. Everything must focus on and serve the interests of women, no matter what it is or how little women like or care about it. Men can be allowed no space, no matter how small, to enjoy male things.

Cataline Sergius said...

Here is the thing.

Saying you are nerd is just fine these days.

Actually being a nerd is not.

The low sexual rank is what it is. And cool people or for that matter people who wish to be seen as cool don't want nerds for fans.

Hollywood is very, very status conscious. Having a nerd fan base guarantees you are working in one of the lesser genres. That means no chance for an Oscar. Speilberg was stuck in that particular hell for decades.

It's ironic because now that he wants to get off the Oscar track and make money again he's lost the knack. BFG was his first real bomb since the Money Pit. Disney has to be rather worried about letting helm the new Indiana Jones flick and rightfully so.