Sunday, July 31, 2016

Post Convention Wrap Up: The Democrat Edition

Hillary's convention was a resounding triumph...if your are willing to wildly redefine the words "resounding triumph,"

Which I do assure you the MSNBCCNNABC alphabet soup of obsolete news media are frantically doing.

They are in full on Big Lie mode this Sunday morning doing various things to try and make her look good or since that is usually impossible, make him look bad.  Like for instance carting around the Democrats favorite new pet Muslims to say angry things about the terrible, terrible Trump man, who didn't burst into to tears when he heard about their son catching the  Golden BB twelve years ago.

Although mostly the press was just doing their best to present Hillary as someone who isn't a pathologically lying Nixonian, crooked, drunken, lesbian sociopath.

They've been doing that by keeping Hillary coverage to a minimum and trying to focus the cameras on Bill.  Unfortunately Bill looked so dazzled by the balloons it gave the impression that our former president and would be First Gentlemen will likely be our first White House resident in some years with active dementia.

As opposed to passive dementia which brings up the real star of the show so far as Democrats were concerned Barack Obama.  A man who remains...despite a multitude of reasons not to...completely besotted with himself.

The Middle East is in flames, with almost all of our client satraps having been either over thrown or having turned to Russia or Iran for support.  The economy has been eight long years of malaise and misery.  The Fed is on the verge of complete implosion.  Cops are being systematically assassinated in the streets.  The only reason terrorist attacks aren't a biweekly occurrence is that Obama won't let the press call them terrorist attacks. The Democrats had a supermajority in both houses eight years ago and President Assbag demanded that all of the Red State moderates strap on the bomb vests and charge the bunker for him.  He is directly responsible for the Democrats being driven into the wilderness.

 The Democrats response..."If only we could give him a third term."

The Democrats remain in an abusive relationship with the man, constantly making excuses for him and assuring everyone that the suspicious bruises were the result of falling down the stairs and its nobodies business but thier's anyway.

He has still been successful at the only thing they have ever really demanded of him, which is that he be black.  He more or less managed that.

Nowhere on the Sunday morning news media will you see any of the Bernie Bros, who only showed up at this convention to yell, fuck you at Hillary.

The moment of truth for the demonstrators came as Hillary Clinton took the stage inside the convention center. At that point, a large contingent of Bernie Sanders-supporting delegates staged a walkout. However, mainstream media viewers saw none of this; the cameras ignored the walkout and proceeded to solely cover Clinton’s coronation as the Democratic presidential nominee. 

Outside, protesters began a push towards the fence but were confronted with the law enforcement presence that at some points was seven layers deep. Other demonstrators yelled to keep things peaceful as a standoff began with the police.

Meanwhile, police detained the Bernie Sanders delegates inside and did not allow them to leave and join the other demonstrators.

After the balloons fell and the Democratic National Convention wrapped up, the Sanders delegates were allowed to join the protesters, but police kept at least one reporter from covering the protest.

So the clown car pileup has been towed away and the Democrat's tame lapdogs are now piddling themselves in excitement over the first woman candidate for president even if no one else want's this woman to be president.

Now the real fun begins.

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peewee rota said...

I really want trump to list all of the terrist attacks in the past 120 days and then demand that Obama return his peace prize. And do it weekly until he does.