Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If Only Their Motives Were Less of a Mystery

This is seven attacks in two weeks.  My college level math says that works out to an average of one every other day.

Europe's response?  Crack down on nationalist extremism.

That of course was always the point and purpose of the EU.

Oh it dressed itself up as a post war peace project but honestly no one in their right mind ever believed in that Ghandiesqe crock of shit.  Europe was always about suppressing nationalism.  The German's were wild about it because they wanted to "cleanse themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race."  Most of northern Europe went along with it because the Soviets spoon fed them propaganda that said nationalism was the real reason for WWII.  The Euro-left went along with it and that moved the public opinion needle.

I was recently at the Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan.  And I talked to a Dutch woman who was visiting and asked her did the locals get the costumes and folk dances right?

She shrugged and said, "they'd know more about it than we do.  Nobody in the Netherlands has done this stuff in forty years."

The European Project has been that successful.

But now Europe will have to decide if it's going to become Al Europa or find it's roots.

The war appears to have begun and you only need one side to have a war.

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residentMoron said...

You really need two.

But only one of them needs to be fighting.