Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ghostbusters; Dead On Arrival

The damage according to Boxofficemojo is 44 Million, which is under the projected take.

Feminist Ghostbusters came in behind The Secret Lives of Pets.

That is the domestic total.  The Foreign Box office sales are hovering in the 19 million range.  If Ghostbusters The Envaginating had only cost 75 million to make (which it should have), they's be laughing.  But the budget was inflated to just shy of 150 million.  Unless the FBO seriously picks up this going to be a bomb.  Although not the bomb it deserves to be.

McCarthy and Feig will take a few bruises but should survive this one with nothing worse than diminished expectations for future ticket sales.

Amy Pascal on the other hand ramrodded this project through.  The home office will have had enough.

Someone at Sony Pictures will have to commit seppuku.

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