Thursday, July 28, 2016

And James O'Keefe Strikes Again

I couldn't have been more wrong about the DNC convention.  I was expecting a dull, boring and tedious tromp through the woods to the land of the Glass Ceiling Breaking Nomination, which hasn't been in doubt since she took one for the team over Benghazi.

But I have to say this one has been rather exciting to watch.  Far more so than the conventionally  unconventional  Republican Convention.  So Cruz stabbed somebody in the back? Big deal that happens everyday in Washington, just ask the people who have to work with him on a daily basis and whom I should've been listening to in the first place.

James O'Keefe decides to talk to some Democrats.  These people school the fuck out of the half assed, limp wristed and wear your bow tie to the night club in unironic earnestness #nevertrumpers.

Give it a look.

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Jon M said...

That man deserves a Pulitzer. Probably will get it right after Daleiden does and pigs fly through a frozen hell.