Monday, June 13, 2016

The Terrorist Didn't Win...Obama's Delusion Bubble Remains Intact

The good news about Orlando is that it is actually a failure.  The ISIS goal of a war with America remains as elusive as ever.

And it will remain so while Barrack Husein Obama is in office.

Obama is easily the most fundamentally dishonest man to ever sit in the White House and holy shit I know that is saying something.

Obama is...I strongly believe...a Muslim atheist.  He spent enough of his childhood in madrassa schools that he probably identifies privately as Islamic.  Although there is also no doubt in my mind that he is also an atheist.  He appears to be quite high on narcissistic and Machiavellian. Those talents make even a false path to God difficult to find at the best of times.

Regardless, I suspect his grandparents set about making him an atheist when he was put into their charge.  His mother was at best disgracefully negligent as a parent so she was unlikely to object.  Even if she wasn't herself an atheist and there is zero doubt in my mind that she was.

But Obama was in that Madrassa school during those fundamentally important years when your original identity is formed.  When you create that first image of yourself as who and what you are. It's not something you can ever leave behind even if you consciously reject it.

Obama floated in a drug addled haze through his first two undergraduate years, calling himself Barry.  And then he did a bit of a walk-about through Jakarta (Islamic) and Pakistan (very Islamic).  At that point he decided to recreate himself as an Exotic.

He transferred to Columbia and started calling himself Barrack.  I suspect it was at this time that he started lying about being born in Africa.  Obama was himself the first Birther.

His successes at being an agitator were modest.

When Obamacles reached the shores of Chicago, he saw no monsters;
Yet its bone-strewn sands announced a land of many unseen dangers.
And though he be clever, Obamacles did not understand his task,
set before him by the Oracle; perhaps it was a riddle?
"Community organizer?" he wondered, "What the fuck is that?"
And yet he pushed from house to house, offering to organize the people,
But lo, the Southside people shunned him, slamming doors and mocking sad Obamacles.
"O people of Chicago, why do you shun me so?" he lamented.
"I have a bachelor's degree and I am here to organize you."
And then Obamacles heard from behind a voice of such fury and anger
that he was frozen in fear for the very first time.
It was the Jeremiad, the fire-breathing Monster of the Pulpit, who roared:
"You stupid ass foo, it because you white!"
Now, it was known to Obamacles that the Jeremiad had forbade white men from the Southside.
What Obamacles did not know is that the Jeremiad also decided who was a white man.
Although his own hue was darker still than the Jeremiad, he was too clever to argue with the Monster;
Instead he said:
"You are right, fearsome Jeremiad; I am sadly white. And only your magic, my lord, 
can relieve me of this accursed paleness. Cure me, so that I can join with the sun people."
The Jeremiad was astonished by the boldness of Obamacles and his clever flattery. He said:
"You have much bravery for a white man, Obamacles. But to become an authentic brother,
you must prove your worthiness in the torments of the pews."
Hour after hour, Sunday after Sunday, year after year, Obamacles stood before Jeremiad
And the other monsters of the pulpit, Phlegeron and Mekus, withstanding their bellows of fire,
Never blinking or flinching, and seldom falling asleep.
the Jeremiad was pleased and and absolved Obamacles of his whiteness, 
and allowing him to finally organize the community.
Which turned out to be a system for getting money for the Jeremiad.

 It was the 80s, after all and nobody wanted to hear that kind of shit. But...and this is the important bit...he worked out at this time you have to be a Christian if you are going to go anywhere in American Politics.  So he picked a black church where the preacher was rich and religious instruction would be minimal at best.

While in Chicago he built the kind of resume that clearly made the entire admissions office at Harvard run to the bathroom and frantically jerk themselves off.

Dirty "secret"  once you get into an Ivy League law program.  It is impossible to fail out.

Yet I am certain he came close.  They would have wanted to shower him with every award  and honor imaginable and yet the only thing they could give him as a booby prize was President of the Harvard Law  Review.

The rest you know.

But here is my point.  His early identification as Muslim remained intact.

 When asked what his definition of sin is, he replied, "to go against my own principles".  A heretical notion for a Christian but very much in keeping with Muslim sentiments.

Being mindful of your sin, is more important than not committing it in the first place, if you are a Muslim.

Through out his presidency he was managed to make terrorism the "T" word that his lapdogs in the press know that they weren't supposed to say.

You can forget completely about the words Islamic Terrorism.  They didn't happen this time and they won't until after January. 

Part of this is just being a good reality denying modern lefty.  Cuba is a tourist paradise, Venezuela is a socialist success story. There are 58 different genders rather than two. And Islam has nothing to do with Terrorism.

But in Obama's case a lot this is also a matter of identity.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the primary reason Obama can't say the words Islamic Terrorism, is that he can't bare the idea of him being the one to smear Islam.

Because in his world he would be smearing himself.

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Ingot9455 said...

Now now, you should look up the story of how Obama got to be President of Harvard Law Review.
Basically he went around to every professor on the voting committee and personally schmoozed them into voting for him. It was his first big political victory. (Of course, it had nothing to do with skill or intellect or capability.)

One of his professors has also reported that he came around to him after getting a B on a paper to have it 'regraded' in an attempt to schmooze it into an A. Again, politics over capability.