Friday, June 17, 2016

The GOP's Self Inflicted Wounds

The Republican Party is in pieces on the floor.

And the sky is blue, Cataline.  What's you damn point?  (*My readers reply.*)

Dear Reader, I'm curious as hell how it got this way.  Aren't you?  A mere two years ago the GOP swept ran the table in the off year election.  Two years before that we got skunked during the presidential election of 2012.  

This year the "best slate of candidates the Republican party has offered the republic in years" was swept aside for a new comer with no government resume.

The Republican Party is clearly and obviously undergoing a crisis of legitimacy.  The Republican Party is such bad shape that even Republicans have noticed.  So how did it get this way?

Here is Ace's take on that.

The globalist/universalist/transnationalist wing of the GOP is careful to not admit this sort of archlibertarian/global socialism belief, because their fellow citizens would no longer pay them any mind if they were to announce their belief that they have absolutely no favoritism for a fellow citizen over a foreigner.

It would be like hiring a lawyer who tells you "I don't care if you win or not -- it would be tribalist to favor you. I'm just in favor of the truth." That lawyer, by telling you he's indifferent to your victory or defeat, or your opponent's victory over you, is telling you as clearly as posible "Do not take me for counsel."

Similarly, if the purported leaders of the GOP admitted their true, Arch-Randian belief that the nation-state is outmoded and all that matters is an elite citizenship in the Transnational Archilbertarian Belief system, US Citizens would know to not heed their counsel.

No one would bother listening to anyone admitting, right up front, "I'm utterly indifferent to your fate."

Yet that is in fact the hidden deep nelief of the globalists. If a US citizen and a foreign immigrant find themselves in competition -- as all things in life find themselves in competition, outside the babytalk liberal babblings that we're all on the same team -- and the foreign immigrant wins out, well, that's not really anyone's problem but the citizen who lost out. Other US citizens should not have been rooting for the US citizen to prevail, nor think it a bad thing that he lost. To harbor such Pro-US-Citizen sympaties is inherently Racist.

The globalists/anti-nationalists won't admit this, because if they did, people would naturally say "Then why in FUCK'S NAME should we follow your prescritpions? By your own admission you do not care if we win or lose; you think it would be racist to care either way."

So they continue to hide this central premise -- but not particularly well, because their disdain for their fellow citizens, and their revulsion at the disgusting racist impulse called 'nationalism," is palpable.

They also freak out if you tell them the GOP will be transformed into a workers party in a couple of years.  

Because they did not join the Republican Party to work for a living.

Let's be fucking clear about that.

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