Friday, June 3, 2016

So Now I'm Red Skull?

I've gotten so used to being called a Nazi I could barely figure out what the problem was here.

I was rather surprised that Red Skull and I  seemed to suddenly see eye to eye on so many things, to include using Millennial as suicide bombers.  (*The secret is to tell them they are best and most unique suicide bomber there has ever been.*)  I think Red Skull and I still have major disagreements about free market economics as well as First and very much especially Second Amendment rights, (the Nazis weren't too big on either of those).

But border enforcement and immigration are a different matter altogether.

I thought Hydra was more into superweapons then politics but whatever.

Hail Hydra dudes!!


Jon M said...

If I understand correctly:
1. Red Skull is alt-right.
2. Captain America is a member of Hydra.

3. Captain America is alt-right.

Think they meant to do that? Or are they tripping over themselves trying to establish conflicting 'America Sucks' in too many directions at once?

Cataline Sergius said...

My suspicion is that Captain America is in actuality a good solid Bernie supporter and is only spying on evil alt right Hydra.

After the election Captain America and Bucky are going to get married and open a pie shop in Vermont.