Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dishonored 2; First Impressions.

E3 2016 has come and gone.  And it wasn't that interesting.

There doesn't appear to be any new Intellectual Properties  coming down the pipe any time soon.  It's going to be all retreads for the next two years.

We are all used to that by now.

So we get more Kratos (who was dead but you knew that wouldn't last).  More Mass Effect, (a property that is now so brand damaged, I'm having trouble believing they are bringing it back from the dead this soon).  More Elder Scrolls (eh, we'll see). A new Wolfenstein (that is not going to be made by id so I don't see the point of it).

With this less than stellar field, Dishonored 2 looks relatively fresh since there has only been one of these so far.

Also this is one of the first post-gamergate AAA titles.  The stuff that came out last year was all way down the development line when GG blew up.  There were deliberate political choices they had to make when developing Dishonored 2.  So let's see what side they chose.

The first Dishonored was rather a favorite of mine.  The Blink power was new and made this stalker title actually enjoyable.  I'm not into stalker games but I liked this one.    I wasn't that wild about a steam-punk setting because steam-punk is what happens when Goth discovers brown.  Mostly a Victorian setting is a chance to indulge in anti-white SWPL fantasies.  The His Dark Materials vibe plot did at least kind of intrigue me enough to find out what it's cosmology was.  It had that going for it. 

I'm afraid Dishonored 2 is already worrying me.

The mystery of whether or not Corvo was Emily's father is now crushed rather brutally in the first line of this trailer.  It was one of the intriguing things about the first dishonored.  Everyone scanned the game for little hints about this mystery.  The mystery is now dead.  Also the first line in this trailer is spoken by a player character.  In the original Dishonored, Corvo was mute.

When you have a mute first person perspective you can put yourself as the player into his shoes much more easily.  You form part of the character for yourself while playing it.  The gaming experience is more immersive. It's fully voiced this time.  That is never good. It indicates they are going from Deadspace to Deadspace 2. It means the writers had a much bigger say in it's production this time.  And they are going to ramrod a lot of plot into your face.  They are going to be telling you how you feel about something, rather than showing you.  Also gaming writers are all Progressives.  And it almost always means that gameplay is now secondary to the plot.

The graphics are okay looking but I would have been shocked if they weren't.  There are ratbirds instead of rats this time apparently.  

The plot is a retread.  That is obvious.Let's see if there are any carryover characters from the first game.

 Checking the IMDB page.  Nope, no Daud.  That's a pity but his story arc was finished anyway, so it's to the good that they retired him.

The problem is you can say the same thing about Corvo.  His story arc was also finished.  Offering you the player a choice between playing him and playing Emily indicates a certain pronounced indecsion on the part of the game's producers.

You could make a decent argument for Emily to play the protagonist this time.  In truth I was expecting it.  There wasn't much in the way of carryover characters available from the first game.  And since Dishonored is a assassination game with supernatural elements, the pixie ninja garbage isn't as annoying as usual.  They have provided a way to suspend my disbelief.  

But making Corvo an optional player demonstrates a caution that will override story telling. They are worried about how well the game will sell with a totally new character.  The problem is when they  made Corvo fully scripted, they made him a totally new character.  It's usually a sign that there were a lot of fingers in the decision making pie.

Emily is played by  Erica Lutrell.  This actress does a lot of voice work in games. Emily is white empress and Erica Lutrell is a black Canadian.  Still that might not be a political choice.  Lutrell's resume isn't bad after all.

Okay who else is on the cast list.


Rosairo Dawson is listed prominently in the cast.
Ten years ago Dawson had a  college-diversity-admissions-girlfriend vibe going for her.

She  reminded you of that girl who was nowhere near as smart as she thought she was and her politics were a huge pain in the ass but you did like banging her. She was ethnic without being toooo ethnic. And had enough of a self-image issue that you could talk her into doing things in bed, that Suzy back home wouldn't. She dropped a few hints about her wanting a ring, but of course you had no intention of ever marrying her.  "Baby, we can't tie the knot so long as our gay friends can't get married.  You know that.  Come on, Rosairo you are better than that."

Today Rosario Dawson is comfortably past the wall and is now an overbearing SJW.  She is a competent but not brilliant actress.  However, there are younger ones out there now that also fit the bill.  The only reason anyone casts her these days is to demonstrate their SJW friendly ideology. 

I think we can now confidently predict on which side Dishonored 2 lands in the gamergate war.

I won't be buying it.

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